April 2015 Honduras Coup update

April 2015 Honduras coup update


News of political persecution from April 2015


Stabbed to death – partner of Tolupán community leader who defends territory against mines.


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WGAR News: WA police dismantle tents at Heirisson Island Aboriginal protest: ABC NewsRadio's Tracey Holmes speaks to activist Gerry Georgatos

Newsletter date: 4 May 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Perth City Council fob off Matargarup homeless & say they cannot help homeless

* News Analysis & Video: Rewa Harriman, Maori Television: Nyungah people remain steadfast despite police raids

WGAR News: International anger swelling at plans to evict Australian Aborigines from ancestral lands: Diet Simon, Linksunten Indymedia

Newsletter date: 3 May 2015


* News Round-Up: Diet Simon, Linksunten Indymedia: International anger swelling at plans to evict Australian Aborigines from ancestral lands
* Summary of Analysis: Diet Simon, Linksunten Indymedia: French researchers: "Aboriginal communities should not be closed!"

Nauru Govt Shuts Down Facebook


The government of NAURU is a disgrace. They have now shut down Facebook!

Opposition parties claim the government of Baron Waqa has ordered the local Internet provider to block access to social media sites.

MP Matthew Batsiu says the move is blatant censorship designed to limit criticism of the government.

Refugee activists have also hit out at the decision saying refugees often use Facebook to contact friends, family and journalists.

This article from Radio Australia features an interview with Batsiu:


WGAR News: Report Back on May 1st rallies protesting Closures of Aboriginal Communities: NITV News Videos; CAAMA Radio; Regional / International News & Photos

Newsletter date: 2 May 2015


* 1 May 2015 Videos

NITV News: We Will Not Leave: Wangkatjunka Aboriginal Community
NITV News: Danny TJ and Rachel Siewert on Country in Wangkatjunka
NITV News: No Forced Closures - Social Media Support Across the Globe
NITV News: WA Remote Indigenous Communities Closure - Key Events
NITV News: Redfern Rally: Stop Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities
NITV News: Stop Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities - Rallies in Perth, Canberra and Melbourne

WGAR News: The May 1st rallies have Gone Global: States in Australia, Aotearoa (NZ), Canada, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong China, UK, USA

Newsletter date: 10:20 am, 1 May 2015; Last updated 4:40pm, 1 May 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: SOGIP: Aboriginal communities should not be closed ! By Martin Préaud, Barbara Glowczewski and 16 French researchers working in Australia
* Analysis / Opinion: Arena Magazine: The Real Cost of Closing Remote Communities, by Brian F. Codding, Douglas W. Bird and Rebecca Bliege Bird
* Analysis / Opinion: Jon Altman, Land Rights News - Northern Edition: The quest for the good life

World Bank and IMF Announce $1.1 Billion in Debt Relief for Chad

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank announced $1.1 billion in debt relief for Chad. The money comes through the IMF and World Bank's two major debt relief programs: the Heavily Indebted Poor Country Initiative (HIPC) and the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI). Chad is the 36th country to receive HIPC relief and the first since 2012. Chad is the fourth-least developed country in the world. More than half its population lives in poverty.