Honduras coup

Honduras Coup, 6 years on, June 2015


June 2015 Honduras coup update – 6 years on

Cases of political persecution in June 2015

University workers unionist disappeared (Donatilo) and killed (Héctor), by what appears to be plotted by UNAH authorities – which not only show no compassion but proceed to sue anyone who accuses them.

April 2015 Honduras Coup update


April 2015 Honduras coup update


News of political persecution from April 2015


Stabbed to death – partner of Tolupán community leader who defends territory against mines.


July 2013 Honduras Coup Update

Honduras coup update – July 2014

Political persecution in July 2014:

Brutal and murderous eviction by police and army, against Gregorio Chavez farmers movement in Panama community in the Bajo Aguán palm plantations

Honduras coup summary of January 2014


Honduras coup summary of January 2014

News relating to persecution

An assassination, capture, and threats against indigenous defenders

More repression. August 2013 Honduras coup update

COUP SUMMARY August 2013 – the struggles in Honduras continue despite the massive-as-always repression


A summary of political murders in August 2013:

From the indigenous Tolupan community, Montaña de la Flor, that holds an occupation against a mining company in defence of the forests, hitmen assassinated Maria Enriqueta Matute, Armando Funez Medina and Ricardo Soto Funez, on 25/8/13.

In Bajo Aguan, organised MUCA farmer Melvin Amaya was kidnapped and assassinated by hitmen on 6/8/13.

July 2013 – Honduras coup update – intensified political persecution, especially against communities opposing dams, mines and like businesses



Summary of political killings in July 2013:

Tomás Garcia of Copinh, participant of highway blockade against Agua Zarca dam, having had death threats, was assassinated by gunfire shots of the Honduran army, on 15/7.

Brother of MUCA farmer activist, Abel Israel Hernandez (26) was found killed, on 17/7.

Honduras coup June 2013 - 4 years too long

June 2013, with now 4 years of military coup regime in Honduras.....


News Shorts from June 2013 – the mining bomb / model cities becoming more for real / etc

Mining – a bomb waiting to explode. Mining law and environmental destruction including of protected areas

Honduras coup update May 2013........

Honduras coup update May 2013........


Almost 4 years into the coup, Honduras' war against farmers continue, with at least seven organised farmers assassinated in May 2013..

Political persecution in May 2013

Summary of known political killings this May 2013 in Honduras:

2 farmers in El Achiote, Aguan, Humberto Martínez and Celín Ochoa were murdered by hitmen on 5/5/13

Los Laureles farmers coop president of MUCA, José Omar Pérez Menjivar, was assassinated by palm oil hitmen on 11/5/13

Honduras coup update for April 2013


Honduras Coup Update, April 2013

News of Political Persecution in April 2013

Summary of Political Assassinations in April 2013 – 4 farmers and a human rights volunteer

Three farmers of Dos Bocas community in Santa Rosa de Aguan: Wilfredo Cartagena Castillo (28), Edwin Geovanni Rivera Castillo (18) and Wilmer Rivera Castillo (15) were murdered by hitmen in their own home on 3/4/13.

Also at Dos Bocas, hitmen murdered farmers’ leader Alfronzo Vasquez Bonilla in his home on 21/4/13.