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December 2014 Honduras coup news summary


December 2014, Honduras coup news summary


Known political persecution in January 2014


Zacate Grande: community radio journalist and human rights defender attempted against and stabbed


October 2013 Honduras military coup update


October 2013 Honduras military coup update

Now that we are reaching the end of Lobo's coup regime, its election time again in November 2013. In these four years the elite have constantly held onto hegemony and whitewashed the coup using language of 'peace, tranquility, and reconcilitation'. The election is equally their game, and their rules, their chance to further consolidate, and has a demobilising effect to their favour.

Honduras coup update May 2013........

Honduras coup update May 2013........


Almost 4 years into the coup, Honduras' war against farmers continue, with at least seven organised farmers assassinated in May 2013..

Political persecution in May 2013

Summary of known political killings this May 2013 in Honduras:

2 farmers in El Achiote, Aguan, Humberto Martínez and Celín Ochoa were murdered by hitmen on 5/5/13

Los Laureles farmers coop president of MUCA, José Omar Pérez Menjivar, was assassinated by palm oil hitmen on 11/5/13

Update on Honduras coup for November 2011

Since this report was compiled, the first woman journalist has been assassinated in Honduras, and in Tegucigalpa.

On December 6, 2011, journalist Luz Marina Paz Villalobos and her cameraperson Delmer Canales were leaving her house when they were killed by gunmen on board a motorcycle. Luz Marina directed for years the radio program “Tres en la Noticia” (Three in the News) in Radio Globo and lately worked at a local radio. The total number of journalists killed since 2009 coup is now 23, making Honduras the deadliest place on earth per capita to report in.