Assange appeals extradition in court today: Brisbane solidarity vigil

Today Julian Assange faces court again to appeal the order to extradite him to Sweden. If his appeal fails he will face court in Sweden within a fortnight.

This is Assanges tenth court appearance since his arrest for questioning in relation to sex crimes in Sweden, over a year ago. Assange has maintained that the charges are politically motivated by Wikileaks release of secret US government documents and video, particularly that that show US military engaged in war crimes.


Rally for Julian Assange

I took part in a rally to show support for Australian WikiLeaks Editor-in-chief Julian Assange on November 25th. It was held in Brisbane outside the Department of Foreign Affairs.Approximately seventy people attended the rally. We were there to demand that the Federal Government publically take action to protect Julian Assange from being rendered up to the United States.
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Speaking out against Obama wars

Report of the Resistance to the visit by US President to Canberra Thursday 17 November 2011 by Graeme Dunstan of

Good to be standing for peace with friends outside the Parliament, while Obama was inside beating a drum for war in the Pacific. All in all it was an evocative witness, few in number, good in feeling and dramatically artful.

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Julian Assange loses latest appeal against extradition to Sweden

A British Court has rejected the latest appeal by Julian Assange, on Nov 1st , against his extradition to Sweden. The court also found nineteen thousand pounds in costs against Julian Assange. He still has the option of appealing to the Supreme Court but there is no guarantee this appeal will be allowed. He could face extradition within 10 days to Sweden where he could be extradited to the U.S. to face possible esponiage charges. The crackdown on Julian Assange is linked and occurring at the same time as a global crackdown by Governments against the global uprising of ordinary people.

9/11 anniversary: The forgotten victims of terrorism

Brief: This article explores the issues of state’s sponsored terrorism and points out the reality that all weaponry in the 21st century are lethal including those that belt around the human body. Therefore, 21st century is a century for corporation not confrontation…….

Australian companies “directly helping” dictatorship in Burma – US diplomats

Media Release: Scott Ludlam, Senator for Western Australia. September 6th, 2011

US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks support the Australian Greens’ claim that oil and gas companies investing in Burma are “directly helping to strengthen the military hold on power”.

Greens spokesperson on Burma Senator Scott Ludlam said US diplomats had echoed Greens calls for stronger sanctions against the dictatorship.


Federal ALP threatens Assange and media outlets over U.S. cable document release

The Australian government has again threatened Julian Assange with arrest, this time over the release of the entire 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables online, in a searchable database. On Friday 2nd September, Federal Attorney General Robert McCelland released a statement expressing concern over the leaks which supposely include the name of at least one serving ASIO officer. He points out that "Section 92 of the ASIO Act makes it a crime to publish, or cause to be published, the identity of an ASIO Officer.". This leaves open the possibility that Julian Assange could face charges arising from the leak. McCelland also implicitly threatens Australian press outlets by urging them to "exercise caution" in discussing the leak. The Fairfax press broke the story of the ASIO agents identity on September 2nd.


Wikileaks releases new files and U.S. attempts to arrest Assange continue

This week has seen Wikileaks release thousands more secret U.S. Diplomatic Cables. Wikileaks is calling on the general public via its Twitter feed to use “crowd surfing” to help make discoveries in the documents. Meanwhile a U.S. court order from 4th January has been released which uses the U.S. Patriot Act to demand that Dynadot, Wikileak’s server hand over information to help prosecute a case of espionage or terrorism against Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

Assange faces court in London 12th/13th of July

Julian Assange is appealing is extradition to Sweden to face questioning in the politically motivated rape investigation. He was in court on the 12-13th of July. A judgement is due three weeks from this date. Assange has been the victim of character assassination and there have been many calls for him to be killed by high profile U.S. figures. There is plenty of evidence Assange's extradition is part of an attempt to ultimately have him extradited to the US where he is likely to feel the full wrath of the Empire, an Empire comprehensively exposed by WikiLeaks revelations. In the UK a small group of activists including Australian peace activist Ciaron O'Reilly have gathered in solidarity at the court and are having a public meeting. Disapointingly it appears no-one has organised a solidarity event in Australia to coincide with the court. Like other war resisters like Bradley Manning, Julian deserves solidarity as both a peace activist and champion of the free press.
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Julian Assange spoof Mastercard - Julian to face court on 12th/13th of July

Julian Assange faces UK court on the 12th and 13th of July in the next stage of his politically motivated extradition hearing in the UK. Below is a spoof Mastercard ad made for Wikileaks which highlights that Mastercard and Visa and other major credit card companies have blocked payments to Wikileaks. An outrage given Wikileaks or anyone associated with its running have not been found guilty of ANY crime.