9/11 anniversary: The forgotten victims of terrorism

Brief: This article explores the issues of state’s sponsored terrorism and points out the reality that all weaponry in the 21st century are lethal including those that belt around the human body. Therefore, 21st century is a century for corporation not confrontation…….

9/11 investigation movement heats up.

Recently an organisation of professional architects and engineers held a press conference to mark the milestone of 1000+ members.

The press conferences was held in various cities around the world by professionals in their fields, but did not receive much media response at all.

The organisation is currently raising funds to put NIST investigators in front of a grand jury for fraud.


Charlie Sheen to Obama: Investigate 9/11 Openly

Eight years on and in the aftermath of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen's 9/11 challenge to President Barack Obama, journalists of the world's media conglomerates have been slow responders to follow the trail of evidence. Sheen posed numerous questions in a YouTube video directed at the President and held a "letter" to support an argument that the 9/11 conspiracy fits an historical pattern of government-scripted attacks as pretexts to wage war.