civil liberties

Qld citizens network forms to fight civil liberties "crackdown"

A packed meeting of more than 70 concerned citizens and representatives from community organisations founded a new campaigning organisation at Brisbane's Electrical Trades Union hall on Wednesday night, responding to what organisers called "an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties in Queensland".

The Queensland Civil Liberties Network was born amid cheers from meeting participants who set about planning a series of protest actions over coming months, including a rally and march to fall on Parliament's first sitting day, February 11 2014.

Melbourne City Council harassing peaceful political activity on city streets

Media Release 2 June 2013: The Wednesday Action Group was formed in 1999 to raise important social and political issues on the streets of Melbourne's CBD. Every Wednesday, over the last 14 years, we have legally assembled on the footpath collecting signatures on petitions that we have presented to the House of Representatives and the Senate in the Federal Parliament and the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council in the Victorian Parliament.


National Check in with Martin Ferguson campaign launched

Some very clever climate activists have launched a National Check in with Martin Ferguson campaign on Facebook as a response to the revelations of his spying on climate activists on behalf of the coal and power multinationals - see below

Australian Taxpayers money is being spent to monitor the activities of community climate groups.


U.S.A. state sponsored terror (rock music video) released

Anti USA Police State rock music video released by American rocker who has been targeted with a decade of government oppression. Scott X and the Constitution Commandos take on corrupt and criminal acts of the government with their 5th video release from their new album: "Fighting the U.S. Police State With Music".

New bill threatens the rights of peace campaigners

Following yesterday's announcement of the introduction of a Bill to make Australian military bases more secure (Defence Legislation Amendment [Security of Defence Premises] Bill 2010), the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign has called on Senator Faulkner to give a public assurance that the Bill, in its final form, will not in any way impede the rights of people to peacefully protest against military installations.


9/11 investigation movement heats up.

Recently an organisation of professional architects and engineers held a press conference to mark the milestone of 1000+ members.

The press conferences was held in various cities around the world by professionals in their fields, but did not receive much media response at all.

The organisation is currently raising funds to put NIST investigators in front of a grand jury for fraud.


Police files on desalination protestors given to private corporations

Victoria Police have handed over information on Desalination protesters to AquaSure, made up of international and local companies Degremont, Suez Environment, Thiess and Macquarie Capital Group. The 20 page Memorandum of Understanding was signed on August 28 by the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria Police and AquaSure. Victoria Police have said it was routine for police to sign such deals with organisations building big public projects where there were potential security risks.


Sydney man sentenced to 12 years for publishing internet "terrorist manual"

A Sydney Court has sentenced a man to 12 years in jail with a minimum of 9 years for publishing an online "terrorism manual". He is the first person to be convicted on the charge of making a document connected with assistance in a terrorist act in Australia. The accused spent three days in 2003 cut and pasting the material which was already on the net into a book called "The Rules of Jihad - Short Judicial Rulings And Organisational Instructions For Fighters And Mujahideen Against Infidels."