Julian Assange fights for his life

Amazing revelations about the depth of privatized spy agencies. And the co-ordinated effort to silence Australian Julian Assange for life.

Stratfor hires former U.S. government agents, and bribes insiders and journalists (possibly in contravention to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

Wikileaks announces the initial release from a trove of 5 million Stratfor emails hacked by the group Anonymous.

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Brisbane forum: The War on Wikileaks

The release of millions of Stratfor documents by Wikileaks this week has shown the world the gross injustice being meted out on Julian Assange for his part in establishing the Wikileaks institution in an attempt to make democracy accountable.

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Global Intelligence Files reveal charges drawn up against Julian Assange

The Age has reported that the leaked emails from Stratfor, known as the Global Intelligence Files, reveal that secret charges have indeed been drawn up by the U.S. Government against Julian Assange.

The Age reports:

Wikileaks press conference: Global Intelligence Files

WikiLeaks held a press conference after it began releasing The Global Intelligence Files, or G.I. Files, a collection of over 5 million emails from intelligence company Stratfor on the 27/2/2012

Global Intelligence Files on the Wikileaks Website

A report from the solidarity vigil for Julian Assange at the Supreme Court, London

By Ciaron O'Reilly

By the time I lived in community with Phil Berrigan, he was a wise old man. He had served many years in U.S. prisons for his nonviolent resistance to the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons - initiating the draft board raids and plowshares movements. After I moved on, he would serve many more years. He was in the very best sense disillusioned with popular American pretensions. He suffered from few illusions.

U.S. building case against Assange through Bradley Manning trial

In an ominous turn of events the pre-trial hearing of Bradley Manning is now being used to build a future case of espionage against Julian Assange. The military prosecution has now introduced evidence that supposedly not only directly links Julian Assange to Bradley Manning but that Assange directly "coached" Manning into how to obtain government documents. The evidence comes in the form of selected transcripts of supposed chat logs between the two men found on Manning's computers.

Artists come out in support of Bradley Manning

Brisbane artists showed their support for Bradley Manning yesterday as part of an international day of solidarity for the young soldier. On his 24th birthday Manning is facing life imprisonment and could be facing the death penalty for allegedly leaking classified military documents to the public. Manning Allegedly leaked the documents, the Afghanistan war diaries, the Iraq war diaries, Cable Gate and the footage Collateral Murder to the media site WikiLeaks.


International solidarity day for Bradley Manning. Julian Assange support action

Adele Goldie

For those in or near Brisbane who want justice for Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange.

Bradley Manning
December 17th is Bradley Manning's 24th birthday there will be events held worldwide to demand his freedom and show our support.


We stand with Assange

Today is the 5th of December we held a vigil for Julian Assange outside the Department of Foreign Affairs in theBrisbane today

We honour Julian Assange as an Australian, as a man of principle. We are extremely

proud of his contribution and commitment to truth and justice.

Julian Assange is a man of courage who has stood up for the oppressed and dispossessed.

World wide, he has shone a bright light on the daily atrocities carried out by Military

forces, by Governments, and by Corporations .