Julian Assange fights for his life

Amazing revelations about the depth of privatized spy agencies. And the co-ordinated effort to silence Australian Julian Assange for life.

Stratfor hires former U.S. government agents, and bribes insiders and journalists (possibly in contravention to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

Wikileaks announces the initial release from a trove of 5 million Stratfor emails hacked by the group Anonymous.

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Stratfor emails brag about access to secret and classified U.S. government information. (When will they be investigated and charged?)

In one case, Stratfor agent Fred Burton suggests access to FBI files on PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for his client Coca Cola, regarding the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010.

Other emails brag about access to drone attack info, and documents from Bin Laden's safe house.

The Stratfor emails also reveal a multinational effort to attack Wikileaks Editor in Chief Julian Assange. The promise to bankrupt him, plot to remove his Australian citizenship, and to jail him for decades if not life, using a secret Grand Jury indictment which Stratfor knows about (again, illegally). One Stratfor agent in Sydney suggests killing Assange.

Surely the British Courts have to take these threats to Julian Assange seriously, in his case to avoid extradition to Sweden (the mid-way stop to mistreatment and life in prison in America, for this Australian citizen).

Stratfor has been shown to be incompetent, but still does planning for the U.S. Marines, and reports for the Air Force. It's a nest of vipers, as heard this week on Radio Ecoshock.

This program contains direct source material, including analysis by Julian Assange of harmful big media mergers, not published elsewhere. Julian compares Stratfor hacking and spying on private citizens and activists with Rupert Murdoch's News of the World scandal - on steroids.

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It's good your informing the public about Julian Assange and Wikileaks and the exreme unconscionable treatments he's endured and continues too.
I'll pass this sit onto a politican friend and several others.
The company who are treachorously on the side of those who 'appear to be winning' all I can say is Shame, shame and shame again. They will all face consequences it's a matter of time.
In hope for Julian Assange.
In knowing he's an innocent man who deserves freedom to further create and grow.