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Humbug from politicians on government spending

Australia led the world in handling the global financial crisis by acting fast with stimulus spending, to help save big banks from insolvency and to preserve and generate jobs. Australia also had a legacy of negligible government debt.

But both stimulus spending and the abolition of government debt have come at a price. Stimulus spending needs to be repaid, primarily from taxation. And the low government debt was achieved by withholding crucial funds from health, education, public transport, housing, infrastructure, disability programs and the transition to renewable energy use.


Monetary Affairs with Prof. Bernard Lietar mp3

Analysis and suggestions for addressing the dysfunctional aspects of society, the environmental exploitation and war-fare.
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Conversation about aspects of the dreaded debt finance system and it's repercussions extro with "Investment Banker" by John Bird and John Hunter

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The world's most important product

Ways of Viewing the World’s Most Important Product

I’ll begin by quoting from contemporary philosopher and psychologist Eric Fromm’s work, ‘The Art of Loving’, “The principal underlying capitalist society and the principal of love are incompatible.” And. “Those who are seriously concerned with love as the only rational answer to the problem of human existence must, then, arrive at the conclusion that important and radical changes in our social structure are necessary . . .”.

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Pretext of Money with David Icke, Monetary system explained with excerpts of I.O.U.S.A. and Zeitgeist Addendum, Money as Debt II, Hynkel speech [ Charlie Chaplin ] excerpt, Krishna Murti, South Park, media samples - sounds by George Duke, The Bakery, Supahemp, others

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Zeitgeist Addendum

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