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WGAR News: SBS Living Black's Marc Tong interviews Goolarabooloo Elder Phillip Roe

Newsletter date: 22 April 2013


* SBS Living Black: "Just One More Step" - James Price Point
* SMH: James Price gas plan fight not over: Milne
* Kristina Chew, Care2 Causes: Success! Humpback Whale Nursery and the Kimberley Saved!

* NIRS: Compulsory acquisition to go ahead at James Price Point
* ABC Indigenous: James Price Point compulsory land acquisition continues

* ABC: Browse decision shelves Broome airport expansion
* The West: Broome airport first casualty of Browse
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WGAR News: Queensland's Stolen Wages to the Crime and Misconduct Commission: SBS Living Black

Newsletter date: 21 April 2013


* SBS Living Black Audio Interview: Queensland's Stolen Wages to the Crime and Misconduct Commission
* SBS; AAP Video: Katter party fights for stolen Indigenous wages
* SBS Radionews Audio: Katter backs Queensland stolen wages return
* NIRS: Stolen Wages rally calls for compensation
* Tracker: CMC should probe stolen wages: Katter

* Central Land Council: Education is the key says new CLC Chair
* NIRS: Maurie Japarta Ryan to lead CLC

WGAR News: Fears raised over burial sites near James Price Point: Tracker

Newsletter date: 1 March 2013

* The Wilderness Society: Broome takes over Sydney’s Martin Place
* Tracker: Fears raised over burial sites near James Price Point
* YouTube: Christine Milne on James Price Point - AustralianGreens
* YouTube: Rally For the Kimberley, Images Robin Chapple and Red Broome - Red Hand
* Robin Chapple MLC: Greens name and shame our biggest carbon emitters
* Perth Now: Sleeping giants square off in gas wars
* Background to the Save The Kimberley Campaign - James Price Point, north of Broome, WA

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Australian political responses to Obama's climate change Inauguration speech

The parliamentary leaders of the Labor Party, Liberal Party and the Greens all responded to Barack Obama's statement on the necessity to act on climate change made during his 2013 inauguration speech.

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomed the statement and also reiterated government policy on carbon pricing, and the trend for more extreme weather events due to climate change as articulated by climate scientists.

Tony Abbott was more combative, attempting to use his press conference question for taking a cheap shot at President Obama not being able to get climate legislation passed through congress, and attacking the Government's carbon pricing policy.

Greens leader, Senator Christine Milne, also welcomed the change in priority on climate change by the US administration and said that "the proof of President Obama's commitment will be in what the US does in the global negotiations" over the next two years.