(A-Radio) Interview with Radical Theory and Practice about the cooperative and its Emma Goldman project

The Anarchist Radio Berlin made an interview with the Russian-speaking anarchist publishing cooperative Radical Theory and Practice (RTP) about the cooperative, its recent project of translating Emma Goldman's memoires into Russian and a lot more.

You'll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here:

Nauru: Anti Democratic, Anti Refugee


The government of Nauru is a disgrace.

It has arrested over 150 refugees who held a peaceful protest and has threatened to jail anyone who assembles in groups of three or more.

Nauru claims to be a democracy but it is clear it’s fast becoming a pathetic, tin pot dictatorship.

The refugees arrested are not those held in the detention centre. These are the ones who have been given official refugee status.

But they say they are being treated like second class citizens and don’t have freedom of movement or access to several basic services.

February 2015 Honduras coup update


February 2015 Honduras coup update


Political persecution in February 2015


Police kidnapping in the context of a struggle against hydroelectricity dam


The Shortwave Report 3/6/15 Listen Globally!

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