New solar power station to run on sun and air

The CSIRO is about to build a new research solar power tower at it's National Solar Energy Centre in Newcastle that uses just the sun's energy and heated air in a Brayton turbine to produce electricity. This is innovative renewable technology - the largest of its type in the world - to combat use of fossil fuels and climate change, to be built and fully operational by March 2011.


Bayswater carbon pollution under legal challenge by NSW climate activists

Two members of Newcastle climate protest group Rising Tide are challenging in the NSW Land and Environment Court the amount of carbon pollution emissions allowed by the coal fired Bayswater Power Station owned by Macquarie Generation. Macquarie Generation produces 12 to 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution every year.


Climate protest fleet attempts blockade of Newcastle coal port

Newcastle, Sun Mar 28, 2010: Climate activists from Rising Tide blocked entry to the world's largest coal port on Newcastle Harbour, north of Sydney. The 'People's Blockade of the World's Biggest Coal Port' put together a motley protest fleet of 60 rafts, kayaks and boats including a 70 foot yacht. Over 350 people attended the protest according to Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon. Carbon dioxide emissions from coal is a major contributor of climate change. Photos on Flickr | More photos


Climate protest disrupts new Newcastle coal loader

The first shipment of coal from Newcastle's third coal loader has been delayed by climate activists from Rising Tide. The docking of the Sunny Success bulk carrier was delayed at the newly built terminal by one protestor chaining himself to the wharf, and four others in a boat on the harbour.


Newcastle: activists blockade coal terminal in response to Copenhagen failure

Forty climate activists have closed down the rail line into the world's biggest coal port this morning, (Sunday December 20) protesting the failure of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen to produce a just, effective, and legally binding treaty.

Twenty five of the diverse group - aged from 19 to 86 years and including a Buddhist priest, and an elected local councillor - are occupying a rail bridge in Newcastle, Australia, and refusing to leave. They have hung large banners reading "Greed wrecked Copenhagen: Now it's up to us all", and "You could have done something great."


peace rally artwalk 09

Date and Time: 
Sat, 19/09/2009 -
12:00am to 5:00pm
devonshire lane newcastle west 2302
Contact Name: 
david wilkinson
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peace rally city west art walk 09,celabrating peace with local art and music,on the 30th anniversery of the star hotel riots,at the site of the riots ,12 to 5 19/9/09 to raise public awarness of the international day of peace,amnesty international ,doctors with out borders and the peace movement
we will close off the street and have a celabration non alcholic


Newcastle Coal Port closed down by Climate Protestors

Climate protestors have closed down the Port of Newcastle for the day, with a peaceful blockade of coal loading facilities. The Port of Newcastle is the world's largest coal port, transferring coal mined in the Hunter valley for export. Hundreds of protestors gathered at Horseshoe Beach with many launching kayaks, canoes and small boats to blockade the harbour. Newcastle Port Corporation cancelled all ships coming into the harbour for the day due to safety concerns.