Our Economic Culture Marx Time [ audio ]

Mini Radio Theater illustrating the underlying flaws of Marx' and Engels' theory, by overlooking the debt finance system and it's repercussions.

Written by Graham, performed by Tanya, Len, Richard - voxops from the street of Nimbin, Australia

9:17 min 128 kbps stereo 8.5 MB


Rote Flora: Access all areas

Cities are the location of economical constraints and repressive policies all over the world. But at the same time they are contested areas characterised by the fight for self-determination and participation. Presently, we are experiencing crises, social protests and new movements. In order to multiply these conflict lines on the city’s terrain, a day of action against capitalist urban development and gentrification is going to take place.

Help Malaysia's Penan jungle people to survive

By Rainforest Rescue

Hundreds of Penan are demonstrating with blowpipes in the Malaysian rain forest. No one gets past the road blockades of the Aborigines in the jungle of Sarawak, not even the police.

Instead of upholding the rule of law, police are doing the bidding of corrupt politicians and unscrupulous business people. They have seized the land of the Penan to turn it into monocultural oil palm plantations after razing the tropical timber.

Police had to turn back to fetch reinforcements. The Penan now fear police excesses.