Racism in Australia

WGAR News: Tiga Bayles interview with John Pilger: First Nations Peoples and the new Film 'Utopia'

Newsletter date: 5 May 2013


* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews John Pilger about his life long support for First Nations Peoples and his new Film 'Utopia'
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* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: John Pilger on racism in Australia
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Why the anti-racism campaign should begin with the rule of law, not Australian values?

After a series of denied by our politicians and police chief over the past years about the existence of racism in Australia, the Gillard Government has finally found the political courage to confront the issue head on by announcing that the government will launch a nationwide campaign against racism and will restore the multiculturalism portfolio after dumping it following the 2010 election.


Another case of media fuelled racism in Australia

Mass media is the heart and soul of a nation. Many people rely upon the mass media for information and entertainment including the bureaucrats working for the government. It was reported by the Brisbane Time on the 15th Oct 2009 under the heading - Rudd policy on China 'set by BHP', with the following statement from Mr Joske (an economic adviser to former treasurer Peter Costello in the 1990s):


Politicians Fuels Racism - Are You “Mainstream” Australians?

Racism is a die hard issue in Australia. While the racism against Indians across the country over the last two years has yet to show any sign of winging down,  the new opposition leader Tony Abbott begin the 2010 election year with Howard’s style racism on the issue of Immigration.