media fuelled racism

Evidence of Murdoch’s newspapers distorting news to fuel racism

Media disinformation and negativity against non-Western cultures in Australia is a terminal disease spreading into the bloodstream of the mainstream media industry in Australia. The following incident demonstrated how easy it is to demonise a Chinese restaurant in Melbourne through the manipulation of news using the techniques of factual omission, misleading heading, misleading bullet-point-highlight, misleading bold-highlight and the editorialising of content using a series of subjective and strong wordings to sell the personal opinion of the journalist or editor as news.

Another case of media fuelled racism in Australia

Mass media is the heart and soul of a nation. Many people rely upon the mass media for information and entertainment including the bureaucrats working for the government. It was reported by the Brisbane Time on the 15th Oct 2009 under the heading - Rudd policy on China 'set by BHP', with the following statement from Mr Joske (an economic adviser to former treasurer Peter Costello in the 1990s):