Culture of bigotry hindered Australia’s ability to integrate with its Asian neighbours

The recent reaction by the Australian politicians toward the proposed merger between the Singapore Stock exchange (SGX) and the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) is a typical example of a bigotry culture in this country.

The very minute the news of SGX intention to merge with ASX was leaked to the public arena, our politicians begin to jump up and down against the idea without even trying to find out in detail the rationale of the proposed merger, and the possible benefits to Australia. Their responses are so pathetically predictable in a habitually hysterical manner.

Asylum seeker "debate" used to hide corporate coup

In a cynical and disgusting act, the ALP has stirred up a “debate” on asylum seekers within days of capitulating to the major mining corporations. Once again the rich and powerful seek to scapegoat the weak and vulnerable to disguise their misdeeds. The mainstream media has jumped to the cue, no-longer discussing the “old news” of how multi-national mining companies have successfully avoided paying billions of dollars in tax and helped engineer the overthrow of sitting PM in the process.


Call to protest at refusal to prosecute killers of Mr Ward

"The decision not to charge two security guards over the heat stroke death of West Australian Aboriginal elder, Mr Ward, in a prison van is as outrageous as the cowardly decision taken by the Queensland DPP in the Mulrunji Doomadgee death on Palm island in 2004. To protect then Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley from facing charges the Qld. DPP overturned the recommendations of acting state coroner, Christine Clements, bravely found (some would say foolishly found) that Hurley definitely had a legal case to answer." said Ray Jackson, President of the Indigenous social justice association.


International Justice for TJ Day - Melbourne, 14 February, 2010.

As the 6th anniversary of her son’s death approached, Gail Hickey called on supporters to make 14 February an International Justice for TJ Day (see below). Answering this call, the Indigenous Social Justice Association – Melbourne (ISJA-Melb) organised a rally at Fitzroy Town Hall attended by over 40 supporters, followed by a march to the local police station.


Help Malaysia's Penan jungle people to survive

By Rainforest Rescue

Hundreds of Penan are demonstrating with blowpipes in the Malaysian rain forest. No one gets past the road blockades of the Aborigines in the jungle of Sarawak, not even the police.

Instead of upholding the rule of law, police are doing the bidding of corrupt politicians and unscrupulous business people. They have seized the land of the Penan to turn it into monocultural oil palm plantations after razing the tropical timber.

Police had to turn back to fetch reinforcements. The Penan now fear police excesses.

A strange night in Greece

The struggle is international

Gunshoots in Athens downtown. Three injured immigrants. This is fascism.

11 July 2009, Athens, Greece: Comrades (and the media) report three important incidents:

First, someone fired a gun against the cops (no injuries).

Second, someone from his car fired gunshoots against immigrants, injuring three. They were taken to a hospital by an ambulance.

Third, fascists set multiple floors of a building occupied by homeless immigrants (the Efetio) on fire.