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Is Mike Baird’s Public Housing Plan “Elaborate Spin”?


It sounds great! A new $1 Billion dollar fund to create more public housing.

Finally the government is taking affordable housing seriously.

Premier Mike Baird even signed an agreement with the peak welfare body NCOSS promising to work in collaboration with the community sector on the issue.

Finally someone is doing something to reduce the massive waiting lists for public and social housing in NSW (59,000 households are on the list, waiting for up to 15 years).

But there’s a catch.


Stop O'Farrell's "Bed Tax"

TODAY NSW Community Services Minister Pru Goward announced the imposition of a ‘bed tax’ on public housing tenants with a ‘spare’ bedroom.

This is part of an ongoing process of harassment and displacement of long term public housing tenants as the NSW government attempts to shift housing responsibility onto the non-government and private sectors.

Why should public housing tenants be forced to move out of homes they have occupied for years, sometimes decades, and into smaller accommodation, which may not have been as well maintained as their own homes.


Democracy needs reform: Human rights, housing policy – Australia and China compared

Housing affordability is an issue of basic human rights. A recent report in the UK, A Silent Killer by Sheffield University commissioned by a charity organisation, Crisis (21 Dec 2011) reveals that:

“People who live on the streets die an average of 30 years before the general population” due to:

Public Housing Meeting.

On 26 June in North Carlton, a cold Sunday afternoon, around 40 people gathered at the Railway Neighbourhood House to discuss the future of public housing. Most present were public housing tenants, some were current or ex housing workers. Stephen Jolly of Yarra Council made a brief appearance.


HOMELESS FOLK. Homeless folk who are forever among us and public housing waiting lists are vastly different. We need Homeless Friendly cities and towns. Justice for ALL.

Homeless people are among us, and often many turn a blind eye.

Homeless folk who live on the streets and in our parks are different in context to homelessness and waiting lists for public housing.

Unfortunately our governments do not take seriously enough the funding required to ensure adequate accommodation and adequate public housing.

Sydney defend public housing rally

A protest organised by a local residents’ action "Hands off Glebe" to stop the demolition of public housing in Cowper St. The 15 buildings on the Cowper St site have the capacity to house 289 people but the former NSW Labor government decided to sell most of the land to private developers, with the remnant being earmarked for new public and so called affordable housing. The newly-elected Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker, joined and addressed the protest. Workers on the site stopped work for the day in support.

Text and photo by Peter Boyle