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Duncan Gay Accused Of Taxpayer Spending Spree


We all want quality infrastructure and community services but are we really getting good value?

The community group Ecotransit Sydney says some projects are costing taxpayers obscene amounts.

It has just produced a video report on a small suburban building project which appears to be costing and arm and a leg.

Entitled “The tiny tunnel that costs more than a high school”, it's had more than 1000 views in just 4 days.


Baird Announces New Private Prisons As Jail Population Explodes


The exclusive article in todays Telegraph exposing budget plans to build new prisons shows the government has lost its way.

Internationally prisons are being closed due to the immense costs and damage of isolating people rather than solving the social problems.

Aboriginal youth are now half of all juvenile prisoners.

Trying to look tough and ignoring the failure is a dreadful crime against our community” said Justice Action Coordinator Brett Collins.


Is Mike Baird’s Public Housing Plan “Elaborate Spin”?


It sounds great! A new $1 Billion dollar fund to create more public housing.

Finally the government is taking affordable housing seriously.

Premier Mike Baird even signed an agreement with the peak welfare body NCOSS promising to work in collaboration with the community sector on the issue.

Finally someone is doing something to reduce the massive waiting lists for public and social housing in NSW (59,000 households are on the list, waiting for up to 15 years).

But there’s a catch.