Baird Announces New Private Prisons As Jail Population Explodes


The exclusive article in todays Telegraph exposing budget plans to build new prisons shows the government has lost its way.

Internationally prisons are being closed due to the immense costs and damage of isolating people rather than solving the social problems.

Aboriginal youth are now half of all juvenile prisoners.

Trying to look tough and ignoring the failure is a dreadful crime against our community” said Justice Action Coordinator Brett Collins.

"Grafton Jail was closed as unnecessary in 2013. Backtracking and building a new prison there when 1000 beds are needed in Sydney exposes the political motivation and confusion.

Handing our citizens to international private prison companies who are interested only in profit shows that Corrective Services has given up on its central purpose” said Mr Collins.

The government is responding to a shocking Report by the Inspector of Custodial Services on overcrowding called “Full House” tabled in parliament 6th May 2015:

Mr John Paget, former Assistant Commissioner for New South Wales warns of the consequences on inmates and staff of the mismanagement he documented. He said:                                                                                                           

‘Where the state treats inmates in a way that denies them a modicum of dignity and humanity it should not be surprised if they respond accordingly, with individual acts of non-compliant behaviour escalating into collective disorder, such as riots’.

"He refers to three people being illegally held in 2 person cells, hot-bedded to comply with a special ministerial exemption.

Hundreds are unable to be released on parole due to programs not being supplied. Half of health services are not being received due to staff shortages.

Remand prisoners are held for 19.5hrs per day in cells with strangers and nothing to do. Shortest time out of cells in Australia” said Mr Collins.

"These facts show the total breakdown of management and oversight and the closed NSW prison system costing 100,000 dollars per year per person.

The ombudsman, official visitors, health authorities and courts have failed to uphold the basic services for people sealed behind high walls and steel cells. The Inspector warns that prisoners are close to rioting as they are desperate.

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(Sadly this ABC story highlights morons who think building new jails is “great news)