Australia mining aid for Philippines questioned – ATM

Melbourne, Australia – Filipino and Australian organizations criticized Prime Minister Julia Gillard for launching a $127 million ‘smart aid’ for poor but mineral-rich nations during a forum at the University of Melbourne.

Recently, the Gillard government has launched ‘Mining for Development Initiative’ which aims to help more than 30 developing countries, including the Philippines, address mining related challenges, including everything from managing environmental impacts of mining to governance issues.

Friends of the Earth take on mega coal mine in court

On the eve of a court hearing due in Brisbane on August 29-31, Friends of the Earth International called on Swiss mining giant Xstrata's shareholders and investors to act to stop Xstrata's massive 'Mega Coal Mine' project in Australia. Research from climate change experts released this week shows that coal mines and subsequent carbon emissions will accelerate the loss of the Great Barrier Reef resulting in jobs losses and massive impacts on the Queensland economy.

Media Release
Date 29 August 2011
Coal mine linked to accelerated loss of Great Barrier Reef

Victory! Destructive titanium mine denied permission to move forward in Cambodia

Wildlife Alliance, Friday, April 8, 2011 - - In a huge reversal, Cambodian Prime Minister Sandech Hun Sen has announced that a strip mine previously approved in the heart of an elephant corridor in the Southern Cardamom Mountains will not go forward.

Latest news from Kulon Progo Solidarity Network

[this letter gives an analysis of the struggle in Kulon Progo in terms of the recent national debate about the status of the Sultanate of Jogja within Indonesia, as well as an update on the farmers' struggle including some recent actions and the attempts of local NGOs to cause divisions in the autonomous struggle]

Dear Comrades,

Mammon votes for Abbott

How universal suffrage entrenches vested interests, and what to do about it — by Gavin R. Putland.

Does Tony Abbott expect to win votes by promising to give away Australia's mineral resources more cheaply than Kevin Rudd? No, he expects to win material support from the mining industry, which in turn will help him to win the election on other issues, with the result that the mining industry gets the policy it wants.

BHP AGM in Brisbane: protestors to oppose expansion of Australia's biggest uranium mine

Only 4 more days until the world's largest mining company holds its annual meeting in Brisbane...
The world’s largest mining company is coming to Brisbane this THURSDAY– and so are traditional owners and others who don’t want to see the land and human rights destroyed.
BHP Billiton will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Thursday Nov 26.


Alice residents help Cameco move out of town!

Alice residents help Cameco move out of town!

On Wednesday 16th September over 20 Alice Springs residents said “don’t come back!” to Cameco, by offering to help them move out. With uranium exploration having finished at the Angela Pamela site last week the community decided was time for Cameco to pack up and leave town for good.

Protest halts Barrick gold mine operations at Lake Cowal

Protests by the Save Lake Cowal campaign have halted work at the Barrick Gold open pit mine at Lake Cowal, western New South Wales, over the Easter Weekend. Lake Cowal is an ephemeral lake lying in the Lachlan River plain within the Murray-Darling Basin, home to many migratory water birds and sacred sites of the Wiradjuri people.

Twenty Eight people were arrested on Sunday when protestors walked onto the open pit mine closing it down. They were authorised to enter the mine site by Wiradjuri Tradtional Owners.

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