Wiradjuri elder warns of risk of groundwater poisoning from gold mine at Lake Cowal

Wiradjuri Traditional Owner Neville 'Chappy' Williams continues to warn of the dangers arising from the Barrick Gold mine at Lake Cowal. With water filling Lake Cowal for the first time in 10 years, the dangers of having an open pit gold mine in a lake bed in a flood plain are becoming evident.

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Protest halts Barrick gold mine operations at Lake Cowal

Protests by the Save Lake Cowal campaign have halted work at the Barrick Gold open pit mine at Lake Cowal, western New South Wales, over the Easter Weekend. Lake Cowal is an ephemeral lake lying in the Lachlan River plain within the Murray-Darling Basin, home to many migratory water birds and sacred sites of the Wiradjuri people.

Twenty Eight people were arrested on Sunday when protestors walked onto the open pit mine closing it down. They were authorised to enter the mine site by Wiradjuri Tradtional Owners.

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