Forced Adoptions

WGAR News: Do forced adoptions mean forced assimilation?: Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney

Newsletter date: 5 June 2013


* STICS: Do forced adoptions mean forced assimilation?
* SBS Living Black: Adopting Out Children in the NT [Interview with SNAICC CEO Frank Hytten]
* SBS Living Black: Adopting Children In the NT - Listen to the Elders [Interview with Graham Mundine, ACM]
* NITV: Indigenous kids need Indigenous carers: Expert
* CAAMA: Children's Commissioner calls on Government to commit to future of Territory
* NIRS: NT Government looking at child protection changes
* Northern Territory (NT) Forced Aboriginal Adoption Media Coverage

WGAR News: Mary Graham calls for Sovereignty national discussion: The Stringer

Newsletter date: 28 March 2013


* The Stringer: Mary Graham calls for Sovereignty national discussion
* NIRS: No consultation on SA recognition: Lawman
* NIRS: Call for restructure of National Congress
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement

* The Stringer: Mission Australia joins in the call to do something about the Kimberley's homeless
* NIRS: NT Shelter want more money for homeless

* CAAMA: Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari
* NIRS: Cultural involvement to improve mental health

Senate inquiry into forced adoptions found barbaric, horrific abuses

Now that Parliament has apologised, please post your comments at to make them more easily accessible

A senate committee has recommended the federal government formally apologise for past forced adoption practices described as barbaric and a "horror of our history".