TAFE sector Privatisation by stealth - funding slashed by Baillieu Government in Victorian Budget

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) on May Day, attacked Premier Ted Baillieu and the Victorian Government over its budget cuts to TAFE education announced in the Victorian budget today, calling them another significant step in the dismantling of the state’s public vocational education and training system and privatising the sector by stealth. The cuts to the public TAFE institutions reduce public funding by 22 per cent from the start of 2013.

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Sydney University Gets Occupied

- Students start direct action campaign at Sydney Uni against plans to cut 350 jobs.

- They occupied staff offices to make their feelings known to the management who have so far kept them out of the loop.

- The cuts are planned despite student enrolments rising by 1000 on the previous year.

- The staff cuts are planned while at the same time the uni is planning to spend $250 million next year on two new buildings.


Occupy Melbourne's Dare To Share Teddy Bears Protest

After our weekend picnics were rained out on consecutive weekends Occupy Melbourne's Dare To Share Teddy Bears Protest went off on Friday December 9th without a hitch. About 25 kids, carers and others met up in Treasury Gardens at 10am for a picnic before heading off on a tour of the various bodies involved in cutting $481 million from education spending in the past year. Despite a little interference from Protective Services officers we were able to occupy the lobbies of the Premiers Office, Department of Education and Department of Education (Office of Children and Early Childhood) buildings. At each we engaged in various activities including mic checks linking the big picture (capitalist greed) to the everyday one (cuts to TAFE, VCAL, occasional care, school maintenances, etc), sining the Teddy Bears protest song (lyrics below) and presenting novelty sized Education report cards (small version attached) failing the government for its anti-social behaviour and indicating that it "must do better". A fun time was had by all and we have plans for more kid friendly protests in the near future.



Private Military Intelligence controlling schools

Private Intelligence Networks controlling our schools (in the UK) and you can be sure Gillard is implementing the same in Australia. Aecom (private military and subcontracts to the pentagon)is active in Australia, involved in programming children via the Froebel system. Gillard herself was programmed via the Froebel system at Mitcham Demonstration School, and likely prior to that as well. This is, of course, the John Adam St Gang at work.

1)EIM Group links to ARK Academies – EIM Group is private intelligence

Koorie school community rallies against discriminatory development

Builders are moving in to destroy the gymnasium of Ballerrt Mooroop College, the only aboriginal school in Melbourne. The school is located in Hilton Street Glenroy and the school is being moved into two demountable clasrooms and the gymnasium slated for demolition on December 17 to create 170 car parking spaces for an $18 million development of Glenroy Special School.
Campaign details at Treaty Republic Website
15th Dec Bourke St Mall Solidarity Rally
Picket on December 17th to stop demolition


Gillard's regressive and right wing education policies explained

Below is the text of an article from the World Socialist Web that explains just how regressive the ALP's policies on education are. Teacher performance pay, bonuses for schools that do well on NAPLAN data, bringing in unqualified people to teach in schools...the list goes on. The Left in this country needs to wake up and realises this country is lurching to the right regardless of wins the next election.


Sydney Vice Chancellors Pay tops $1m

The NTEU says the pay packets of Uni chiefs are "obscene" with some getting more than $1m per year.

As face- to- face time with lecturers decreases and class sizes expand, those in senior management positions at top public universities are enjoying increasingly healthy pay packets..

Data tendered to the NSW Government this week revealed what has been described by The National Tertiary Education Union as a ‘salary explosion.’


Educational apartheid in the Northern Territory and the Building The Education Revolution program

The Northern Territory government has set up an apartheid education system in the Northern Territory and the Federal Government seems to accept it.