John Adam St Gang

Millions of children instructed in Nazi eugenics techniques, from the Royal Society for Arts

The ‘Opening Minds’ Science curriculum (established by the Royal Society for the Arts) is clearly instructing children in eugenics techniques. The Royal Society for the Arts has as president the Princess Royal (who has taken over from Prince Philip) and patron the queen.

Eugenics is about selective human breeding, and includes measuring and assessing human beings and placing them in a hierarchy of ‘good’ and ‘not so good’(these words good/not so good are used in the school curriculum). In Nazi Germany this led to the extermination of millions considered ‘undesirable’.


ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) of the John Adam St Gang

ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) held a fundraiser on June 9th in London. This was the first official engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

ARK (Absolute Return for Kids)are not what they say. Google 'ARK EIM Schillings', or go to UK911forum 'War on Children' thread titled ‘Schillings solicitors letters re ARK, direct links’ for links to solicitors letters etc. Wikileaks links to this story keep breaking.......therefore this story is being hidden.

It is no surprise that ARK's offices lie within the John Adam St Gang.

Private Military Intelligence controlling schools

Private Intelligence Networks controlling our schools (in the UK) and you can be sure Gillard is implementing the same in Australia. Aecom (private military and subcontracts to the pentagon)is active in Australia, involved in programming children via the Froebel system. Gillard herself was programmed via the Froebel system at Mitcham Demonstration School, and likely prior to that as well. This is, of course, the John Adam St Gang at work.

1)EIM Group links to ARK Academies – EIM Group is private intelligence