Millions of children instructed in Nazi eugenics techniques, from the Royal Society for Arts

The ‘Opening Minds’ Science curriculum (established by the Royal Society for the Arts) is clearly instructing children in eugenics techniques. The Royal Society for the Arts has as president the Princess Royal (who has taken over from Prince Philip) and patron the queen.

Eugenics is about selective human breeding, and includes measuring and assessing human beings and placing them in a hierarchy of ‘good’ and ‘not so good’(these words good/not so good are used in the school curriculum). In Nazi Germany this led to the extermination of millions considered ‘undesirable’.

Essential reading is the following, copy of the Teacher Notes for the ‘Opening Minds’ Science curriculum from the Royal Society for the Arts, and clear evidence this is a eugenics programme, with students instructed to measure people, and understand there is a hierarchy of ‘good/not so good’.

The extent this is being promoted throughout schools on a global scale is disturbing indeed.

GEMS (Global Education Management Systems) is located in Dubai, established by Sunny Varkey and promoted by Bill Clinton. They plan to provide education to 100 million underprivileged children around the world. They have schools in Egypt , France, India , Jordan , Kenya , KSA , Malaysia , Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland , UAE , Uganda, UK , and the USA. Simon Cummins, Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA), which implements the eugenics ‘Opening Minds’ curriculum, was director of Global Education Management Systems (GEMS) schools in the UK.

The ‘core values’ of the ‘Opening Minds’ curriculum is not dissimilar to the core values of GEMS:
‘Opening Minds’ core values are: Citizenship, Learning, Managing information, Managing situations, Relating to people.
‘Global Education Management Systems’core values are: Global Citizenship , Growing by Learning, Leading Through Innovation, Pursuing Excellence.

Fellows of the Royal Society for the Arts in Australia have also been inspired by the ‘Opening Minds’ curriculum.

"Several RSA Fellows in Australia have devoted themselves to Transforming Education, including John Corrigan who opened our eyes at the 2011 AGM on the topic of listening to children . John helped to inspire Listen Hear! The Global Campaign for Effective Listening which is an RSA A+NZ project (with a LinkedIn Group) about to move into a new phase. Other Fellows like Paul Herbert and Keith Pimblett share John’s passion in this area. And many Fellows have been inspired by the RSA’s work in this field such as Opening Minds and the RSA Academy."

With respect to children measuring babies and adults in school and comparing their measurements to the perfectly proportioned man (Da Vinci’s Vitriviun Man) as instructed in this curriculum, how long will it take to acquire a global data base of the measurements of people?
University of South Australia professor Tim Olds states that the anti-obesity programme is about collecting population level data, not about addressing obesity; the anti-obesity programme has taken height and weight measurements from thousands of children.

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) fundraiser in 2011; Ark also implements a eugenics agenda on a global scale via its various subsidiaries (which includes HHC, Hope and Homes for Children, and Laura Huxley’s ‘Teens and Toddlers Sustainability Replication Programme).

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