Baillieu government funds new prisons while slashing public TAFE education

Angry TAFE teachers and students attended a rally today to protest the massive cuts to TAFE vocational education and training in the Victorian Budget handed down on May 1, 2012. The implications of massive defunding is a softening up of the public TAFE institutes for privatisation. The budget cuts will mean substantial redundancies of teachers, especially in smaller regional TAFE institutes, a major increase in course fees, and loss of subsidiary student services such as study skills assistance, library services and counselling.

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TAFE sector Privatisation by stealth - funding slashed by Baillieu Government in Victorian Budget

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) on May Day, attacked Premier Ted Baillieu and the Victorian Government over its budget cuts to TAFE education announced in the Victorian budget today, calling them another significant step in the dismantling of the state’s public vocational education and training system and privatising the sector by stealth. The cuts to the public TAFE institutions reduce public funding by 22 per cent from the start of 2013.

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Students rally to condemn Brumby's attack on TAFE

On Thursday 18th of November, Dandenong TAFE students held their second rally against the regressive changes brought in by the Brumby Government that greatly increase the costs of TAFE for people and increase subsidies to private operators. Organisers of the rally said "We think it's unfair to increase the TAFE student fees; TAFE should be affordable to everyone!". The crowd gathered to make their voice heard in the lead up to the State election on November 27th, soldiering on despite the rain.
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TAFE teachers losing jobs due to fee hikes

TAFE students aren’t the only ones losing out as a result of hiked TAFE fees – teachers are falling victim to redundancies as student enrolments dwindle.

NMIT land management and conservation teacher Sebastian Buckingham was recently made redundant.

"Due to the State Government's Skill Reform, enrolments across the institute and in particular this department are well down," agriculture and animal science department head Phil Tripp is said to have told land management students. (Whittlesea Leader)