climate camp

Judge rules in favour of Hunter Valley coal protesters

Charges were dismissed against 49 climate activists under a section 10 ruling by an East Maitland Court magistrate yesterday. The protesters had committed non-violent civil disobedience at a climate camp against a new coal fired power station being built in the Hunter Valley in December 2010. The section 10 ruling means they have no conviction recorded, no criminal record and their fines dropped.


Support the Climate Camp arrestees!

On Sunday 5th December, hundreds of people gathered near Australia’s equal single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions - Bayswater Power Station in the Hunter Valley - to challenge the NSW Government’s proposal to build another coal-fired power station that will rival the size of Bayswater.


Can Perth become the first geothermally cooled city?

While the world debates emissions targets and climate funding amounts for developing countries in Copenhagen, a new research centre was launched in Perth on December 3 dedicated to developing technologies designed to help establish sustainable, low-emission, geothermal cities. At the same time the State Government is planning to double the number of coal-fired power stations at Collie.