Support the Climate Camp arrestees!

On Sunday 5th December, hundreds of people gathered near Australia’s equal single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions - Bayswater Power Station in the Hunter Valley - to challenge the NSW Government’s proposal to build another coal-fired power station that will rival the size of Bayswater.

We can’t afford more coal! That morning over a hundred people walked onto and occupied the coal train line transporting coal to Bayswater Power Station, disrupting the power station for eight hours. 73 people calmly chose to stay and get arrested despite being given many opportunities by police to leave without further consequences. 10 of these people ‘locked on’ to the train tracks, and all 73 people were shown unwavering support by the other people in the action.

Who are these arrestees? They are locals, parents, students, workers and activists. They range from four under-18 friends from Lismore, to an 88-year-old war veteran from Sutherland.

For their conviction that we cannot ignore climate change and their non-violent confrontation of fossil fuel foolishness, these people will face court and possible fines early next year.

Two other people face court for an earlier action locking onto coal conveyor belts at Xstrata's Ravensworth coal mine, successfully interrupting mine operations for several hours.

Support the 75 people that got arrested for NO NEW COAL:

> Donations for legal fees and likely fines (in the hundreds of dollars, each) can be made to the Climate Camp Legals Collective account (please write ‘CC2010’ in the description line):
G Romuld BSB 802396 Acc # 26411222

> Host a fundraiser. Please contact the Legals Collective for ideas or support
> Know a criminal lawyer who may be able to assist with pro bono representation?
> Stay tuned to court dates so we can show our support in person
> Stay tuned to the NSW Government’s announcement about the proposed power station, Bayswater B, expected by the end of the year. Get involved in the movement against fossil fuels and for justice on climate change!

This year’s Camp for Climate Action was held on the shores of Lake Liddell with the support of Wonnarua Elders. For more information about the camp, action or campaign against Bayswater B, see

In solidarity,

The Climate Camp Legals Collective