40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra - 26 to 29 January 2012

A put-up job that boomeranged?

Not for as long as it takes to blink were Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott so much as threatened, even less endangered, on the 26th of January by demonstrators from the 40th anniversary Aboriginal Embassy camp in Canberra. Vision footage from activists and mainstream media almost inundating the internet makes irrefutably clear that it was police who were violent and caused the bedlam. At one point uniform was even roughing up plainclothes. For at least 10 minutes after Gillard/Abbott had been driven away, when there was nothing and no one left to “protect”, the police line kept pushing us back, some punching, shoving, throwing people on the ground and “f”- swearing at demonstrators.

Tent Embassy statements: Aboriginal Provisional Government statement | Declaration of Independence for a Sovereign Union of First Nations | Press conference | Comment: Embassy more relevant than ever | I see no riot or attack | Media paints black as white and might as right | Protest speaks for itself | A lesson in over-reaction and social context | No apologies are due to either politician, nor to anyone else |Forget the race card, they're playing the whole deck | Michael Anderson explained the importance of the Embassy on Radio Australia | First hand accounts: Chris Graham: fact v fiction, black v white | From field notes and footnotes | “You shoe’da come!” | Video | Photo essay by Green Left Weekly (what the media didn't show) | ABC’s Media Watch: An Australia Day beat up | AFP to review officers' conduct | Kim Sattler, Secretary, Unions ACT, to Barbara Shaw: "And Abbott's just made a statement to the press that the tent embassy should be pulled down ... he's over there." | Gerry Georgatos’ source: Multiple calls from Gillard’s office, awards ceremony not disturbed | Bob Carr: “The Tent Embassy in Canberra says nothing to anyone and should have been quietly packed up years ago.” | Solidarity actions: Solidarity billboard in Melbourne | Banner drop in Canberra


‘Diplomatic’ Incidence at Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra

An Indymedia photographer was allegedly assaulted at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra and his equipment smashed in front of numerous witnesses. The incident happened on the night of 27 January 2012, that is, following Invasion Day.

The Perth based Indymedia photographer travelled at his own expenses to Canberra in order to document the 40th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.


Aboriginal tent embassy press conference : January 26th 2012

Below is the Press Conference Given at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on January 26th 2012 explaining why after 40 years the Tent Embassy continues. Footage orginally uploaded by Channel 10

Sovereignty Announced - No volence on Invasion Day: Treaty Republic


Invasion Day Statement 25 January 2012: Aboriginal Provisional Government supports Tent Embassy

The APG acknowledges the four brave men who were sent by their people to establish the Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972. We pay respect to the brothers and sisters who used that potent message of the tent embassy to defend the rights of self-determination and sovereignty. It was one of the most significant acts of resistance in recent history and the APG honours warriors from all corners of the country for their endurance and legacy.


WGAR News: Only a few weeks left to voice opposition to 10 more years of Intervention

Newsletter date: 2 January 2012

* Only a few weeks left to voice opposition to 10 more years of Intervention
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Submissions on the role of languages in protection of indigenous rights due soon
* 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra - 26 to 29 January 2012
* Congress Peoples' Forum: Sovereignty and Self Determination - Canberra - 24 to 25 January 2012
* Interview with ANTaR's Jacqui Phillips about the ‘Locked Up and Locked Out’ campaign