Secret geoengineering in the Pacific

Download 15 minute Radio Ecoshock interview with Jim Thomas of ETC Group here:

Russ George, the one-man geoengineering phenomenon, strikes again! And despite an ocean dumping and geoengineering ban by 192 countries, George has help from Canada and the U.S.

This time the green-talking former CEO of Planktos Corp didn't just dump some red paint off the back of rocker Neil Young's yatch, as he did in 2002. He's secretly added 100 tons of iron sulphate to the ocean off Canada's West Coast. Once again, George claims it will create carbon offset credits (who would buy them?) and help the salmon, by creating an algae bloom 10,000 square kilometers in size.

In 2007, Radio Ecoshock did a full one hour interview with Russ George, followed by a second program with his critics, including Pat Mooney of the ETC Group. Interest is huge. The Pat Mooney interview has been downloaded at least 20,000 times.

After Planktos went down in flames, amid accusations of shady promotors and stock manipulation, Russ George faded from the public eye. But he never stopped dreaming he could help stop climate change using ocean life.

George wants to make money by seeding the world's oceans with iron to stimulate algae growth. Now the ETC Group has revealed, his latest plot.

Apparently, anyone can modify the oceans and do engineering, so long as there is money to be made.


This is so algae blooms can be harvested so oil can be extracted from the algae, note this is not the conventional way to cultivate algae fuel.