Talisman Sabre

Catholic workers arrested blockading military's road to perdition


Australian Catholic Workers, Jim Dowling and Ciaron O'Reilly were arrested this morning while blocking a major military access road to the Talisman Sabre 09 exercises being held at Shoalwater, central Queensland, Australia. Along with seven other anti war activists, the pair blockaded the road for over and hour and a half, and prevented more than a dozen US Army Jeep Troop carriers from entering the area.


Blockade of depot supplying Talisman Sabre war games 2009

The gates of Australian Army at Rockhampton Airport were blocked this morning (July 6th. 09)
By a group of Christian anti-war activists. The depot is presently deploying U.S. and Australian military personnel to Talisman Saber 09 exercises taking place at nearby Shoalwater Bay.
Melbourne activists Rev. Simon Moyle (Baptist, Urban Seed, Insipiral), Jacob Bolton (Jahworks),