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WGAR News: "Day of Mourning protest: The most significant moment in Aboriginal political history"

Newsletter date: 26 January 2013


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Hobart event: Aboriginal protest rally on Australia day - hosted by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

Hobart Aboriginal rights event for your diary

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Event: Sat 26 January 2013: Hobart, Tas
Aboriginal protest rally on Australia day
"You are invited to attend an invasion day protest
rally hosted by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre."
"The rally will finish at Parliament House Lawns
where a commemoration will be held to honour the
lives, land and rights stolen during the white invasion."
Event details:

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Belgrave Survival Day 2012

On January 26th approximately 1000 people gathered in Borthwick Park in Belgrave to share and learn about indigenous culture, reflect on the experience and consequences of colonization for Aboriginal people since 1776 and to celebrate the Survival of indigenous culture.


Australia marks Survival/Invasion Day 2011

Australia Day on January 26th marks the day Europeans began their occupation of Aboriginal land. The process of occupation and colonisation has been a devastating one for the indigenous occupants of Australia. Mainstream Australia celebrated the day by proudly waving the flag on their cars, clothing or even draping themselves in the "Cronulla cape". Others were “relaxed and comfortable” as John Howard urged us years ago and attended bbq's or the beach. However many Australians attended events that called for justice for Indigenous Australia and to reject the idea that January 26th is a day that all Australians should “celebrate”. In Tasmania 400 people marched to demand a change to our national day. In Belgrave in Melbourne others attended a Survival Day concert. In Sydney hundreds marched in Redfern against the Intervention before attending the 2011 Yabun Festival. Hundreds also marched Brisbane at an invasion day rally.


Black Beats inspire Belgrave: a report from Survival Day

Belgrave’s annual Survival Day expressed a vision to which all could feel part. Healesville’s Indigenous elder Aunty Dot urged the crowd to care for each other, especially children, in order to create a future based on respect, whilst Richard Frankland and The Charcoal Band revved up the audience with the call for a celebration of dissenters – to those who have stood up for Indigenous rights and justice across the ages.


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