solar thermal

Victoria targets solar energy as new report shows renewable energy potential

Victorian Premier John Brumby has announced a feed in tariff for large scale solar thermal power plants to start the transition from coal-fired power to renewables as part of its forthcoming policies for action on climate change. The target of 5 per cent of the state's electricity from solar by 2020 is in addition to the 20 per cent power from wind by 2020. The announcement comes as a new report confirms that Victoria could supply more than 100 percent of it's electricity from renewables. Friends of the Earth, Environment Victoria and the Greens have all welcomed the changes.


How to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2020

The public launch of the Beyond Zero Emissions report - Zero Carbon Australia 2020 - was delivered to an overflowing audience at Melbourne University last night. The report is one possible blueprint for acting on the challenge of climate change by converting the existing coal and gas fired carbon pollution dependent electricity generation to 100% renewables using only current technologies in ten years.