Prime Minster Julia Gillard

The real Julia Gillard; the real agenda

Julia Gillard was educated at 'Mitcham Demonstration School' in Adelaide. Brad Boyd, Deputy Head at this school, claims that this is what made her what she is today. The history of education in Adelaide is interesting, with a very heavy Froebelian influence, and having been constructed in what we call the 'John Adam Street Gang' in London (also called the 'Adelphi Planners') who set up colonies in NZ and Canada, as well as Australia and elsewhere. To read more about the influence of the Froebel gifts and the 'architecture of the mind', I suggest people go to the 'lifeinthemixtalk' website:


Australian Press Council fails judicial corruption and school bullying victim

The decision by the Australian Press Council to dismiss my complaint (Adjudication No. 1469) about suppression of pertinent fact and misrepresentation is unfair and inaccurate.

In my letter to the Courier Mail on 23 Mar 2010 I complained the article, which mentioned me on 17 March (online) and in print on 18 March was inaccurate, unfair, misrepresents me and suppresses pertinent fact. The APC adjudicated my complaint on 8 July and it was published on 30 July 2010 after the Courier Mail stone walled for months.