Logging protest

A letter from Little Red Toolangi Treehouse campsite: Water from a wet forest

A river’s gentle white noise soothes sleep as stars turn through trees, the gift of water - so so special in our dry land. This is the Yea River, a short dawn walk through soft treeferns. It was for hours like this, a gentle though persistent presence to sleep with, till the forest stirred from breeze and leaves countless grow the white noise into a stirring celebration of water, sun and life that is this place - a ‘Great Forest’.


Warrup forest logging halted as FRA protestor, like spiderman, webs between two trees

Gerry Georgatos
A Forest Rescue Australia (FRA) activist halted logging in Warrup after he constructed a "spider's web" between two trees that blocked an access way for logging vehicles into Warrup coupe 06.

Sean Gransch built a makeshift "spider's web" between the two trees in the early morning hours of Tuesday April 23. At 4am in the morning he climbed the platform in the middle of the "web" and stayed there for the day. The platform dangled about 15 metres above the access way.

No Harvey No! Forest actions around Australia demand retailer stops destroying native forests

wave of direct actions have taken place across Australia to try to pressure Harvery Norman stores from stocking furniture made from wood sourced from native forests. The actions have been bold and creative including doing banner drops inside or outside stories Harvery Norman stores in Sydney,Melbourne. Blockading a in Nowra. A group of Tasmanian animals including Tasmanian devils and quolls even occupied the Harvey Norman store in Hobart! Well conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened, dressed as native animals anyway. Most spectacularly one of Australia’s biggest every banner drops occurred in a logged native forest coupe in Tasmania with a banner declaring “Non Harvery Norman No! Don’t buy forest destruction.
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Sydney forest activist scales roof of Harvey Norman complex

Media Release 6/8/2011 Today activists from The Sydney Forest Defense Crew have staged a protest at the Harvey Norman Complex in Alexandria. The company is being targeted for selling furniture and flooring made from native forest timbers. 27-year-old Matthew Rider has scaled the building's atrium to suspend a banner that labels Australia's biggest furniture retailer 'Forest Destroyers'. The activists have also suspended a stereo system playing sounds of chainsaws and falling trees.