Lock the gate

Coal industry bullies infiltrate Australian environmental group.

The environmnetal movement,  Landcare Australia is controlled by the fossil fuel and coal seam gas industry by a network of companies and organizations with controversial environmental ethics.

“We have to be aware of the possibility that some might want to partner with Landcare in order to greenwash what might otherwise be bad corporate behaviour.” Campbell Anderson,  Landcare in Focus Nov 2012, p12.


Climate change implications of new study on methane emissions in coal seam gas field

Coal seam gas has been touted as a green transitional fuel, far less polluting than coal, but a new study implies it may not be as green or climate friendly as the industry makes out. It hinges on the level of fugitive emissions produced in development and production of a gas field. A study by two scientists from Southern Cross University based in Lismore, northern NSW, detected much higher levels of the strong greenhouse gas methane around the Tara gas field on the Darling Downs of Queensland west of Brisbane.

Action: Getup! have started a Dirtier than Coal? campaign calling on Federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet to commission urgent research into the climate impacts of coal seam gas, and to make sure that CSG companies start accounting, and paying, for fugitive emissions.


"Cant eat coal - cant drink gas" Sydney pre-election rally

Heavy rain didn't stop over 1000 anti-coal mining and coal seam gas activists from around New South Wales have holding a protest in Sydney on March 20th in the build up to the NSW state election. The rally was organised by the "Lock the Gate" Alliance which is urging the state government and opposition to introduce stricter controls on the industry were farmers and environmental groups. Dozens of protestors arrived on buses from the Hunter Valley and mid-north coast.