May 2015 Honduras Coup Update


May 2015 Honduras Coup update:

Massive month with the uncovering of the plundering of over US$330 million from the Social Security Department IHSS re-channelled towards funding National Party election campaigns of 2013, many accounts of assassination, attempts, threats, contempt for all life, criminalising struggle and of the speaking about of those with power committing abuses

Forcing the government to give justice

A Preston couple, Chris and Susan Field, are among a growing number of home owners objecting to bank fraud and injustice in the courts.
In late December the Fields were the lead story on both A Current Affair and Today Tonight at the same time. They have already been EVICTED from their home, BUT THEY WENT BACK IN a week later and are still living in their own home.
Serena Moeau was also featured on the Current Affair story, about her four year battle against the bank that wants her home.