Forcing the government to give justice

A Preston couple, Chris and Susan Field, are among a growing number of home owners objecting to bank fraud and injustice in the courts.
In late December the Fields were the lead story on both A Current Affair and Today Tonight at the same time. They have already been EVICTED from their home, BUT THEY WENT BACK IN a week later and are still living in their own home.
Serena Moeau was also featured on the Current Affair story, about her four year battle against the bank that wants her home.
So now the Fields are mounting a state-wide campaign to protest the actions of Rob Hulls, the recently ousted Attorney General who oversaw the eviction of approx 20,000 homes and farms without ever requiring the banks to prove their claims. That level of injustice is criminal.
Chris has produced a protest letter for Victorians to print, sign and send to Parliament House. He hopes to get 10,000 signatures in January and more to flow on from there.
A copy of the Freeze Foreclosures notice to Ted Baillieu is attached with this article.
Chris has also written a book to inform the public about the lies and deceptive practices of banks. The book is available as a free download from
Most Victorians are concerned about what the banks are doing, but few will challenge the bank, for fear of repercussions. With the Fields getting mainstream public media exposure, at prime time, they expect to see a growing number of people emboldened to take a stand.
The Fields have been demanding honesty from Macquarie Bank and Perpetual Ltd for over a year and stopped making mortgage payments in protest at refusal to give full disclosure of the true nature of the "loan".
They are confident that banks are lying to their borrowers and have sold off their rights to investors, voiding the bank's right to take legal action. So all cases of foreclosure are Fraud!
Chris can be contracted via and his new website