WGAR News: Is Australia creating ANOTHER Stolen Generation?: Paddy Gibson chats with Paul Wiles on CAAMA Radio

Newsletter date: 14 May 2014


* Paul Wiles, CAAMA Radio: Is Australia creating ANOTHER Stolen Generation? [Featuring Paddy Gibson, a researcher with Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning]
* Background to 'Keeping Them Home': Campaign against Forced Aboriginal Adoption in the NT

* ALSWA: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse - ALSWA assistance available NOW
* Background: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander responses to Royal Commission into child sexual abuse

WGAR News: NT legal services express concern about operation of Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Scheme

Newsletter date: 5 March 2014


* NT legal services express their serious concern about the operation of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Scheme
in a joint submission to the NTG's Six Month Review of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act.
* Background to the NT Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Bill

* NACCHO Congress Alice Springs News: Effective partnerships in Aboriginal community controlled health sector could be copied in housing and employment
* Nicholas Biddle, CAEPR ANU: Residential Segregation: Income and Housing Dimensions

WGAR News: NT move to mandatory alcohol rehabilitation sparks controversy: The Guardian UK

Newsletter date: 3 July 2013


* Northern Territory Government: Robyn Lambley - Minister of Health: Day One of Alcohol Mandatory Treatment
* NIRS: NT compulsory treatment policy gets through Parliament
* Malcolm Sutton, The Guardian UK: NT move to mandatory alcohol rehabilitation sparks controversy
* Julie Edwards, The Guardian UK: Northern Territory alcohol mandatory treatment is an affront to liberty
* Concerned Territorians: Time to Stop and Re-think our Approach to Alcohol Policy in the Territory
* Current Campaigns: NAAJA opposes the Mandatory Alcohol Treatment Bill