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Victorian Premier places coal development on agenda with public service shakeup

The new Premier of Victoria Denis Napthine today announced a major restructure of the Victorian Public service, with a new Department of State Development, Business and Innovation. The Premier highlighted that Energy and Resources portfolio would be brought into the new Department. This includes development of Victorian's notoriously dirty and carbon intensive brown coal.


Videos: Rally against Baillieu new coal plans and HRL coal power station

June 28, 2012: Up to 300 People gathered on the steps of the Victorian Parliament house to show opposition to new coal projects which would destroy prime farmland and triple Victoria's contribution to greenhouse pollution.

Residents from Bacchus Marsh and south Gippsland attended to show their opposition to new coal mining projects and plans to use an experimental drying technology by Exergen to open up further mining and the export of brown coal.

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Brumby considers partial closure of Hazelwood while climate activists urge full phase-out

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the revelation that the Victorian Labor Government is considering closing down a quarter of the capacity of the Hazelwood brown coal-fired power plant, but has maintained a call along with other climate change and environmental groups for a full phase out of the developed world's dirtiest coal fired station replacing capacity with renewable power generation and energy efficiency savings.

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Brown coal export deal met with protest

A snap protest of about 40 demonstrators on 25th June, greeted Trade Minister Simon Crean as he met at a Melbourne Hotel to approve a deal to export up to 20 million tonnes of polluting La Trobe Valley brown coal to Vietnam. Mr Crean was jostled as he tried to enter the Langham Hotel. The company exporting the coal is ludicrously called “Environment Clean Technologies” whose big claim to fame is that they can brown coal as “clean” as black coal!


Protest to meet brown coal Industry heavyweights in Latrobe Valley

The Coal and Energy 2010 Conference is being held on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st March in Traralgon this week. This is a meeting of the heavy weights of the Victorian Brown Coal Industry including International Power, Loy Yang Power, Exergen and the Victorian Government Energy Minister Peter Batchelor. The conference is an attempt to slap a coat of greenwash over the industry as it plots to continue it polluting and profitable future. A group of protesters plan to greet the pollies and executives with the message “You Can’t Clean Coal" on Tuesday 31st March.


No to brown coal exports - Environmental groups protest at Parliament House

Environmental groups staged a snap protest at Parliament House today, Thursday October 22, in response to moves by Energy Minister Peter Batchelor to compound the disastrous impact of Victoria's brown coal industry by exporting millions of tonnes of the stuff to India and other developing nations ...

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