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WGAR News: Geelong, Mona Vale and Ryde Book Launches: 'A Decision to Discriminate'

Newsletter date: 17 April 2013


* Geelong (Victoria) Book Launch: A Decision to Discriminate - 3 May 2013
* Mona Vale (Northern Sydney) Book Launch: A Decision to Discriminate - 13 May 2013
* Ryde (Northern Sydney) Book Launch: A Decision to Discriminate - 11 June 2013
* Lola Forester interviews Jeff McMullen on Blackchat Koori Radio 93.7FM
* Ada Lee, South Sydney Herald: A Decision to Discriminate: Book Review
* YouTube: Kylie Sambo on income management and Aboriginal youth in the NT - Maddie Church

WGAR News: Wilderness Society takes WA EPA to Court [over proposed Kimberley gas hub]

Newsletter date: 22 December 2012


* The Wilderness Society: Wilderness Society takes WA EPA to Court
* ABC AM: Wilderness Society launches legal action against JPP gas hub environmental approval
* SBS World News Video: WA government taken to court over gas hub approval
* Greens MP Chapple calls on EPA Chief to resign
* Hands Off Country: EPA's Deception of Community
* Law Below the Top Soil, by Dr. Peter Botsman - a concise history of the flawed proposal to develop Browse Gas at James Price Point
* News re legal action against environmental approval of JPP gas hub

WGAR News: Upcoming Events - Northern Territory (NT) Intervention (11 Feb 10)

WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)

WGAR website:

Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
Prescribed Area People's Alliance Meeting - 12 Feb 2010
National Day of Action - 13 Feb 2010
Ampilatwatja – Celebration and opening of Protest House - 14 Feb 2010
National Book Launch: "This Is What We Said" - Feb 2010


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