bluefin tuna

Mitsubishi Greenwash exposed at Sustainable Living Festival over Bluefin tuna stockpiling

Mitsubishi is one of the sponsors of the Sustainable Living Festival. The Mitsubishi conglomerate is also responsible for killing over one third of endangered bluefin tuna, which they are stockpiling for when stocks become unavailable. The value of this stockpile is soaring as the tuna become scarcer. They are also responsible for financing and building dolphin banger boats and whaling ships.


Greenpeace activist injured during attempt to save Bluefin tuna

A Greenpeace activist was speared through the leg and severely injured as he and other activists from the Rainbow Warrior and the Artic Sunrise confronted French Bluefin fisherman and attempted to release Blue Fin trapped in a net. Recently the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species failed to ban Blue Fin Tuna fishing despite the fact stocks are crashing globally to critical levels.

Japan continues Atlantic bluefin tuna drive to extinction

CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) has failed to agree to any measures to protect endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna, which is heading for commercial extinction due to overfishing caused by Japanese market demand and consumption for sushi and sashimi. Japan's Prime Minister has welcomed the vote against the Bluefin Tuna ban.