Counter-demonstration against Fascist rally - Federation Square, 15 May 2011

Against a background of a Buddhist festival promoting peace, harmony and enlightenment, the latest incarnation of Fascism in Australia, the so-called Australian Defence League, chose Melbourne's Federation Square to spread their message of intolerance, divisiveness and ignorance. But a counter-demonstration saw them first outnumbered, then drowned out, and finally forced to an ignominious retreat.


Solidarity intervention for anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman

On Monday 14 of June 2010 took place a solidarity intervention for Jock Palfreeman in The Hub, Newtown. We occupied the square for several hours, displaying banners and flags, handing out many texts (below), and playing anarchist and anti-fascist music. There will be a screening of a documentary about Jock's situation- "One Night in Sofia" at Black Rose 22 Enmore rd, Newtown 8pm 16/6/2010



Anti-Fascists attack Neo-Nazi's business in Burwood

On the morning of the 14th of September, anti-fascists attacked the business of Justin O'Brien, known to be the Victorian representative of Blood & Honour, a worldwide neo-nazi organisation responsible for various race-hate crimes, including the racially motivated murder of a woman and her baby in Belgium.

O'Brien's tattoo shop, 'Hold Fast Tattoo' in Burwood was painted with 'Nazi Scum' and signed 'Antifa', in addition to its windows being smashed.