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Vigil in support of Afghan youth peace volunteers – 21 March 2011

On the 21st March, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, with international supporters, planned to plant trees and hold a candlelight vigil in Kabul, Afghanistan. They had asked people around the world to also hold vigils in support. In Melbourne, a small group of peace activists held banners and handed out leaflets outside St Paul’s cathedral…

Among them were army veteran Chip Henriss and Jessica Morrison, recently returned from Afghanistan (see


Australian​s join protests in Afghanista​n

Monday 20 March Media Release An international delegation of activists have joined locals protesting in Afghanistan this weekend. A vigil will be held in Melbourne tomorrow, which will include the wife of an Australian participant in Afghanistan and an ex-Australian Army officer. The protests in Afghanistan included a public vigil outside the UN compound, and a candlelight vigil.


Jan 15th Brisbane vigil marks 20th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War

On Sunday, despite the floods, a small group gathered in Brisbane to mark the 20th anniversary of first US led attack on Iraq. We joined others around the world gathering at the same time.

We remembered all those killed in the wars Australia has supported since then, especially those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I started with an overview of the wars in those countries. I mentioned Pope John Paul 11’s strong opposition to the first Gulf War, when he prophetically called it the “Seed of death”. The war helped spark a never ending spiral of violence- “war-terror-war-terror-war……..”


Swan Island court case # 2 – another victory! A reflection by Jessica Morrison

It was over five months ago, in the depth of a chilly Victorian winter day that about forty people gathered in front of the Swan Island military base. They had just been to court and witnessed four activists have their charges of trespassing onto the base be dismissed by a Magistrate. The group sang songs; chalked the footpath with messages for peace; spoke to an aid worker in Afghanistan; heard from an ex-serviceperson; and then held a die in. At the end of the die-in, nine activists refused to get off the road.


Charges dismissed for Swan Island activists

A Geelong Magistrate today stated that activists who had blocked the gate of the Swan Island military facility had “acted in good consciousness” and in light of this, recorded no conviction, and dismissed the charges for 8 of the 9 defendants.The 9th defendant, who was arrested the same day she faced court for a similar action, was given a one month good behavior bond.


Activists prepare for Geelong court over blocking secret military base

Nine activists will face Geelong Magistrates Court tomorrow (Monday 29 Nov) on charges of obstructing a road and hindering police.

On the 16th of June the nine activists were arrested while blockading the road to Swan Island military base, a military installation heavily involved in supporting the war in Afghanistan.


ALP and Liberal warmongers commit to indefinite occupation of Afghanistan

Yesterday the debate in Parliament on the Afghanistan war began. There was no debate between the ALP and Liberals who are both committed to the indefinite colonial occupation of Afghanistan by the U.S. and its western allies. The PM's speech was briefly interrupted by anti-war activist Marlene Obeid who labeled Gillard a "war criminal" as she was ejected from the public gallery.


Solidarity call for British soldier jailed for refusing to fight

SEND a solidarity letter/postcard to imprisoned British soldier Joe Glenton refusing refusing to fight in Afghanistan

Joe Glenton was sentenced last week to nine months jail for refusing to redeploy to Afghanistan with the British Army.
Folowing a military tour in Afghanistan, Joe refused redeployment and spent 2 years AWOL in Australia before surfacing at an anti-war march in London to denounce the war .
Please send a letter or postcard of solidarity to Joe at the address below
(mentioned in a letter from his parents).

Joe Glenton (3 minute vid)