Solidarity call for British soldier jailed for refusing to fight

SEND a solidarity letter/postcard to imprisoned British soldier Joe Glenton refusing refusing to fight in Afghanistan

Joe Glenton was sentenced last week to nine months jail for refusing to redeploy to Afghanistan with the British Army.
Folowing a military tour in Afghanistan, Joe refused redeployment and spent 2 years AWOL in Australia before surfacing at an anti-war march in London to denounce the war .
Please send a letter or postcard of solidarity to Joe at the address below
(mentioned in a letter from his parents).

Joe Glenton (3 minute vid)

*See message below from the Glenton family. Please circulate to all sympathetic contacts.

Dear All

A note to say how grateful we are for your wonderful messages of support for Joe.

He is in Colchester Military prison and would appreciate further cards, letters etc. The appeal has gone in and we are hoping for an early release.

He is well and defiant, and is supported by the thousands of people who have contacted us.

Joe Glenton
Berechurch Hall Camp

Thanks again

Clare and Sue Glenton
(Joe's parents)