Special public forum on racism and police violence at Trades Hall, Melbourne

Socialist Alternative invites you to a
Racism and Police Violence
Thursday June 21, 6:30pm
SA Centre, Trades Hall
(corner of Victoria St and Lygon St)

Tamar Hopkins, Principal Solicitor for Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre, industry expert on police and racism
Robbie Thorpe, Aboriginal activist and one of the Organisers of the Victorian Tent Embassy
Gerry Georgatos, Journalist and PhD researcher into Australian deaths in custody and Australian prisons and detention centres
Louisa Bassini, Long-time Socialist and anti-racism activist

Human Rights Alliance media release - The Australian Government is lying - they told me they knew, and face to face

The piecemeal release of a score of Indonesian children from adult prisons is not enough

Another four children have been released from Australian adult prisons, following the three children released several weeks back, and therefore they were wrongly convicted. It is good they are going home to their families.

Country regions right behind the renters rights revolution – now a national movement

Gerry Georgatos
Renters Alliance (RA) WA coordinator Lea Keenan said that every week now Blackwood residents, renters and some who are home owners, are joining the movement and "are motivated for a united pursuance for legislation to make life fair for everyone."

Rally – August 15 – WA State Parliament – Rallies Australia-wide – October 16 – every capital city and many towns.


Rights campaigner Julian Assange acknowledges his Torres Strait Islander form and content

Gerry Georgatos
Global justice campaigner and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange has contributed his life to standing up for the oppressed and in challenging the world’s most powerful governments and clandestine institutions.

Mr Assange was born in Townsville, Queensland however he readily acknowledges a diverse heritage which he proudly said includes a Torres Strait Islander great-great-grandparent. In his form and content is that of a Thursday Islander, his (step) great-great-grandmother.


AMA report says government needs to do more for Indigenous health

Gerry Georgatos
President of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Steve Hambleton says the federal government has to do much more for Indigenous health - "There is a long way to go."

On Saturday May 26 at the AMA National Conference the AMA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Report: Progress to Date and Challenges that Remain was released.

The report summarises the recommendation of the AMA Indigenous Health Report Cards over the past ten years and analyses the major government measures related to the recommendations that have been implemented.

HRA media release: Bob Carr must live up to DFAT's side - Indonesia has lived up to their part - Schapelle soon home

Bob Carr said that it is abominable that children are in adult prisons - therefore release them all, now. Now that the Governor of Kerobokan has supported the right to early parole for Schapelle Corby, Australia needs to keep its side and en masse release all the children - now.

The conversations between DFAT and their counterparts, between Australian and Indonesian foreign ministries have occurred in that the goodwill of a sentence reduction, early parole for Schapelle Corby was brought up alongside the urgent need for Indonesian children in Australian adult prisons to be released.

National Renters Alliance campaign - WA rally August - National day of rallies October

Interviews with the HRA's National Renters Alliance

It started in the Blackwood region of the South West of WA, and then became the WA Renters Alliance, and now it's a national movement with the National Renters Alliance campaign

In August there will be a renters rally for justice at WA's state parliament followed by a coordinated national day of rallies in October

Cultural imperialism jailed Indonesian children in Australian adult prisons - and the prime minister's deaf ears

Gerry Georgatos
Ali Jasmin was 13 years old when the Commonwealth of Australia locked him up in an adult prison for being a deckhand on a boat of Asylum Seekers, and hence for assisting people in the safe passage of Asylum to our shores. International maritime laws and the various United Conventions and protocols asserting the rights of those seeking Asylum would cast this young boy as a hero, and rightfully so however not the Australian government and its institutions.


The Australian prison system has failed; warehouses of illness & death. Bring on Bastoy for starters

Gerry Georgatos
If you want to know the hearts and minds of a nation, of its consciousness, of its legislators, then day and night look into our prisons.

The two century old modern day prison experiment is failing, that is if we look at the spiralling incarceration rates, adult and youth, and if we look at re-offending rates, the recidivism.

My PhD research argues that people who enter the prison experience, who are incarcerated for relatively short or long terms leave the prison experience worse than they came in.


Control bill pushed to target Aboriginal peoples and to erode civil liberties

Gerry Georgatos
Australia-wide Aboriginal organisations, communities and rights advocates are more than just apprehensive of the consolidated push by State and Territory governments for the introduction of Criminal Association Control Bills better known as anti-association laws – in Western Australia, the Criminal Organisation Bill 2012 appears that it will be passed and within days.