HRA media release: Bob Carr must live up to DFAT's side - Indonesia has lived up to their part - Schapelle soon home

Bob Carr said that it is abominable that children are in adult prisons - therefore release them all, now. Now that the Governor of Kerobokan has supported the right to early parole for Schapelle Corby, Australia needs to keep its side and en masse release all the children - now.

The conversations between DFAT and their counterparts, between Australian and Indonesian foreign ministries have occurred in that the goodwill of a sentence reduction, early parole for Schapelle Corby was brought up alongside the urgent need for Indonesian children in Australian adult prisons to be released.

We have always been aware of these conversations - last year and this year - confirmed to us by Indonesian Consular officials, Ambassadorial personnel and folk within the Indonesian foreign ministry.

The Governor of Kerobokan Prison has continued the promised goodwill and has supported the right of application by Schapelle Corby to an early parole, which may see her home this year and therefore the promised goodwill must continue and the Office of the Attorney-General release all the Indonesian children from Australian adult prisons - right now.

Indonesia's Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin has called upon Australia to live up to what's been arranged - to the reciprocity and release their children.

The wrongs of the manner in which the Australian government has gone about trying to save face in remedying a major human rights abuse of children are many, and some of these wrongs are perniciously toxic, however whatever improprieties manifest by the Australian authorities the most important unfolding at this time should be the immediate release of all the children.

Australia made a deal by diplomacy with Indonesia and are obliged to live up to it.

The means to the end is important however this is another conversation for a little later - first release the children - Australia's scandal-in-waiting and for far too long a best-kept-secret.

Sam is in a Qld adult prison and he had been held in immigration detention for 465 days and adult jails for 474 days. He still faces 314 days of incarceration before being eligible for parole - or 1044 days until he is due to be released on April 9, 2015. His Indonesian birth certificate was not enough.

Hadi is in a WA adult prison - he was presented to Court as "age unknown" - He spent one year in immigration detention, and more than 15 months in an adult prison. He turned 16 in prison, and unfortunately he is one of the many more that do not have a submission on the desk of the Attorney-General. His Indonesian police clearance was not enough.

These are only two of many.

Rights campaigner Gerry Georgatos discusses claims that a deal was struck so Schapelle Corby is freed sooner in exchange for the release of Indonesian juveniles
ABC 7:30 Report


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