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Human Rights Alliance demands release of Indonesian children from WA incarceration

The Human Rights Alliance calls on the WA state government, and on the Commonwealth, for the en masse immediate release of all the Indonesian children incarcerated either by remand or judicial conviction in Western Australian prisons - and in particular HAKEA and Albany Regional Prisons.

Sisters Inside needs our help as the Queensland government has cut funding

Gerry Georgatos
"For most of these women, the notion of human rights is unheard of. They have lived all their lives believing that they have no rights at all."

The Queensland Liberal-National government has withdrawn $120,000 annual funding from Sisters Inside, a long-time organisation that has provided counselling services for imprisoned women and for those recently released.

Brisbane and Queensland Aboriginal rights events for your diary - 6 events from 16 May 2012

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Event: Wed 16 May 2012: Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane
National Day of Action
in solidarity with the people of Broome
"250 police have converged on Broome, Western Australia,
as the WA Government attempts to crush peaceful
community opposition to a proposed industrial complex
at James Price Point on the pristine Kimberley coast."
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The Australian prison system has failed; warehouses of illness & death. Bring on Bastoy for starters

Gerry Georgatos
If you want to know the hearts and minds of a nation, of its consciousness, of its legislators, then day and night look into our prisons.

The two century old modern day prison experiment is failing, that is if we look at the spiralling incarceration rates, adult and youth, and if we look at re-offending rates, the recidivism.

My PhD research argues that people who enter the prison experience, who are incarcerated for relatively short or long terms leave the prison experience worse than they came in.


Control bill pushed to target Aboriginal peoples and to erode civil liberties

Gerry Georgatos
Australia-wide Aboriginal organisations, communities and rights advocates are more than just apprehensive of the consolidated push by State and Territory governments for the introduction of Criminal Association Control Bills better known as anti-association laws – in Western Australia, the Criminal Organisation Bill 2012 appears that it will be passed and within days.


Is a renters revolution nearing?

Gerry Georgatos
A renters rights movement is gathering momentum in Western Australia with its first impetus surprisingly from the state's South West, and in particular from the Blackwood Valley.

Brisbane & Queensland Aboriginal rights events for your diary - 6 events from 26 April 2012

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Event: Thu 26 April 2012: University of the Sunshine Coast, Qld
Our Generation film screening
"The University of the Sunshine Coast's
Amnesty International Uni group will be
hosting this screening as a part of
Amnesty International's Homelands campaign."
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Event details:
Film info:
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Renters stress hits the Blackwood - time for a renters alliance Australia-wide

Gerry Georgatos
We have all heard about mortgage stress however renters' stress has received comparatively little mention according to Lea Keenan, coordinator of the WA Renters Alliance. Ms Keenan said that rising rents are not confined to Perth and the north west however "are just as out of control in the south west."


How many more suicides before we open our eyes and ears?

Gerry Georgatos
Kabi Kabi Elder, and Bundaberg campus coordinator Nulloo Yumbah at Central Queensland University, Cheri Yavu-Kama-Harathunian said she is devastated by the rising disenfranchisement of Aboriginal youth, and the world's highest suicide rates - of Australia's Aboriginal children.

"Across my desk came a study that reported 'the number of completed Indigenous suicides (in the Kimberley) last year exceeded the Australian Defence Force fatalities in Afghanistan'. I cannot comprehend this statement. It is too much," said Mrs Yavu-Kamu-Harathunian.


Roundup of the anti-election campaign waged by some Brisbane anarchists

In the lead up to the Queensland State Election on March 24, a group of Brisbane Anarchists launched an anti-election campaign. In the week prior to the election, anarchists began pasting up a couple of thousand anti politician and anti voting posters all throughout the city. Political party placards erected throughout Brisbane were torn down or defaced with anarchist and anti politician messages. Anti-voting and anarchist graffiti was scrawled and sprayed across walls, billboards, electricity boxes and telephone booths.