CSIRO says go Veg to Fight Climate Change

In a reversal of their previous bogus "eat meat" dietary advice, the CSIRO in their new CSIRO's Home Energy Saving Handbook has come clean and told Australians that going vegetarian can help half their personal carbon footprint and keep them healthy. What are you waitng for meat eaters - stop eating meat for the planet.

Livestock agriculture accounts for 11 per cent of Australia's greenhouse gases annually. Defending the book from attack CSIRO group executive of agribusiness Dr Joanne Daly said the agency merely provided scientific information on carbon emissions stemming from different diets.

Western Victoria state Liberal MP John Vogels has gone nuts over the advice.

"It seems tofu-munching climate change extremists and animal libbers have taken over the CSIRO, wasting taxpayer funds to publish books designed to wipe out our agriculture industries with the ultimate goal of forcing farmers off the land,'' Mr Vogels said.

Apparently someone should tell John Vogel's to calm down and surprisingly enough vegetarians and vegans do it things made by agriculture eg PLANTS!!!!

The CSIRO handbook includes a graph displaying the relative greenhouse emissions for various diets. The vegetarian option, it shows, produces not much more than half the carbon footprint of the CSIRO Total Well Being Diet, which happens to equate exactly with that of the average Australian animal based diet.

I have included some links below but not surprisingly a google news search reveals that this story has been almost entirely ignored by the Ausralian media

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There's more kooks at the CSIRO than at a neo-nazi rally.Screw your stupid greenhouse gas and global warming British/Wall Street scam, you dumb Australian do-gooders.