Exclusive: Massive corruption causes DoCS NSW holocaust of families



"Angels for the Forgotten"
Melina is a DoCS NSW victim of corruption and devotes her life to Child Protection Reform.

DoCS NSW show festering signs of "Mass Corruption", the holocaust of NSW DoCS continues unabated, and a serious audit the only option. The federal government surely responsible for any worsening from the time awareness of this atrocity began.

An organisation that portrays itself as a beacon of light for children, befriends them, then abuses them, is the equivalent of a pedophile ring.

DoCS NSW does not even befriend them. The position of parents is wrongly shown as the least important relevance to a child. So many like "myself", can make no difference to the situation of their children who were legally kidnapped.

Hi Melina,
I am still working with your case as a starting point for corruption in DoCS. What I would like to know is did you ever ring the complaints line and who else did you complain to. Because they have been proven to be corrupt, I am hoping this is a way to show that it is to do with the complaints line as well and want to see figures. I am also demanding that the cases of the workers envolved be reviewed, every family, and maybe it will help to bring some kids home. Would you be able to tell me how many were found to be corrupt and their names, or the tribunal still working on it? If you have any other suggestions, concerns or requests, please let me know.
Kind Regards,

Hi ,
in answer to your questions number of people involved who were corrupt is still under hands of tribunal but on my count 15-24 people directly involved in the matter not allowed to disclose names at present.

In relation to the complaints line pfft yes i rang them over a dozen tiime, no real response there are still over 172 complaints which i listed adn gave directly to complaints line, ombudsman and senior docs directors which have never been responded to or answered in any way this i will be bringing up during the tribunal hearing.

when i know better figures and can release info i will

thanks michael


Since when did it become OK for a person of power to permit government abuse to one child, a whole state's children subjected to this is a Holocaust, unacceptable. For the prime minister, or me and you. These people are attacking innocent children and parents.

An organisation that portrays itself as a beacon of light for children, befriends them, then abuses them, is the equivalent of a pedophile ring.

DoCS NSW does not even befriend them. The position of parents is wrongly shown as the least important relevance to a child. So many like "myself", can make no difference to the situation of their children who were legally kidnapped.

"Who would do this" to families, Linda Burney can show you a whole department of these people, so can Phil Reeves, the minister for the department of community services in Queensland.

Political motivation (not on my agenda) or jurisdiction not acceptable as a reason for the one person in Australia left for the families of the Holocaust, Australia wide, The prime minister.

Burney, I daresay will end her reign of terror at the next election.

Kristina Keneally, the premier of New South Wales has also stood by and witnessed this tragedy, as my complaint and evidence of corruption originally presented to the prime minister was sidestepped, Gillard denying any responsibility or obligation to the children in NSW, and referring it to Keneally.

Is it not an example of corruption for the premier to refer this matter to the minister responsible for the corruption. This didn't just begin. Thousands of testimonies a year claiming corruption existed, swept under the carpet by this minister, and now her premier and the prime minister.

The complaints hotline is not going to fix this one Burney.

Of least importance to a child is who wins the next election or what DoCS office is theirs, no, because these are totally innocent children. Why would you want to stop a child that you know should be with their parents, and lie, destroy evidence, get other DoCS staff to lie for you, write false statements, get a psychologist to write a fake report. And that was the first time this has ever happened in the period of a childhood since Linda Burney started her position of not only extreme responsibility, and extreme power. Everyone in Australia knows it isn't, including the prime minister.

The mistreatment of families exhibited without fear of reprisal for responsibility of any actions has resulted in a blatantly fraudulent complaints service.

A smoke screen for the corruption coming from these departments. The blatantly misleading name of "Community Services" is as deceptive as the "Complaints Hotline." A front for an early warning system to start destroying evidence. Desperate parents once again being penalised for their honesty and concern.

I rang the Queensland department of community services hotline four days before my son suffered a fatal blow to the head while in the care of a 74 year old woman with three older children who all had serious behavioural problems. I rang to complain to them about the scratches on his face. His mother found scratches on his penis the next day. I tried and tried and tried until he died.

What sort of organisation that allegedly looks after kids, can't even have the local manager of the branch return one of a father's 3 phone calls to save a child's life. The manager, the reunification team leader, the visit supervisor, the DoCS complaints hotline. All within five day of his child receiving a fatal blow to the head.

It is impossible to save your child's life if they are with the NSW or Queensland Department of Community Services. These are the two states in Australia which I am contacted by the most.

I think this psychologist has ruined many children's lives and should go to jail for a very long time, and the DoCS workers. Parental values and rights have been removed, and so has the value of children's lives. People that ruin the lives of many children, and cause death with their negligence, keep receiving less of a sentence than if it were an adult. Little babies scarred or dead forever, the whole of NSW aware of it, the premier aware of it, the prime minister aware of it, and lowly people like me know about it. So does my lowly son.

What will it take, how many little Lukies have to die?

Some other questions:

1.Number of Deaths per year for past ten years (A definite sign if things are worsening.)
2.Number of abused children in foster care figures for past 10 years
3.Number of children removed and removal periods over past ten years
4.Number of children and parents assessed by phoney pschyiatrist
5.Number of children removed who were assessed by phoney pschyiatrist
(A serious form of corruption. This should be thouroughly researched. A pattern must develop which can be looked for to expose more occurences. This is not the only serious claim against a DoCS pschiatrist being corrupt that is currently in the courts of NSW. I personally am aware of this particular case, with the mother resorting to going to a vet for blood tests after DoCS NSW cut off every avenue in the NSW medical sector. She travelled to Brisbane and slept on the street until her appointment with a Vet, the last expert left, the last hope of her child being returned. It is obvious to anyone how much this mother loves the child, as it was with me and Luke, and so many many more.)
6.Number of children and parents assessed by corrupt staff at DoCS NSW
7.Number of children who were removed that were assessed by corrupt staff at DoCS NSW
8.Number of requests to the courts for removal of children by DoCS NSW and %contested by parents unsuccessfully (It is impossible to have your child given back by the kidnappers, and the courts play their part in this travesty)
9.% of complaints by parents confirmed to be substantiated by DoCS NSW
10.Number of complaints per year about DoCS NSW
11.Number of children per year wrongly removed by DoCS with parents claiming children were wrongly removed.
Australia's Tragic Record in the Media



Warning: If you have had your children wrongfully and forcefully removed by the department of community services in New South Wales, there is a likelihood that it may have envolved corrupt and unethical procedure (anyone who has dealt with these rats does not need to be told that). Do not contact DoCS NSW, the DoCS NSW complaints hotline, the minister for department of community services Linda Burney, The premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally, or the Prime minister Julia Gillard. They have been aware of this for months, and have not advised parents of this. Car companies give their car owners better services than what these people provide for the children of Australia. One faulty part and the whole country is advised. This has been kept quiet for months. These children need to be returned now.

We know we are one of the families caught up in this mess we have 7 children and our younger 5 ages 7,6,4,3,11months have been removed on the 23rd of dec 2011 we have been fighting to have them returned as they took them due to past history and wrong information and no evidence of neglect or abuse. Docs have traumatised our children and on visits our children are asking and crying to come home.We are not allowed to tell them they are coming home and we only see them 2 hours a week.before docs entered our lives we were a happy family my husband worked a steady job and i was a stay at home mum who enjoyed looking after our children, we had a house fire and lost evrything a few years ago and it was also the property of were my husband worked and were we all lived we have struggled a bit since then because we come from victoria and all our family reside there. we now have a fully furnished house and my husband was untill recently full time employed untill docs stepped in and told us we were unfit parents and are looking to remove our children my husband has since quit his job and now cant get another job due to the courses docs have made us undertake and the urines (3 times a week) we both have to do in wich we provide clean urines evrytime , we dont take drugs and we dont drink alcohle.. docs took our children 3 days before christmas and we and our children have been destroyed eversince and now they have informed us we cant see them for easter we no wat they are doing to all of us right now is wrong verry wrong and it has taken its toll on us also we dont no wat to do or were to turn.. docs have not got any evedence that supports there removeing of our children and we have also emailed accurent affair in the hope that other families are in the same situation as us so we might be herd... we realy need some help we feel we are so alone and feel that they want to take our children for life we havent done anything wrong that justifys ther decition to take our children please please please help us

this is hard breaking; and given the unbalance of power there isn't a lot parents can do

Dear Shane and cindy,

email me I might be able to help you.



much the same my bestfriend has lost his brother due to similar circumstances, his mother reached out for help to get out of an abusive relationship and instead of receiving help they left her in the situation and took her son which made it that much more difficult on her (it nearly killed her) she managed to leave him not long after that but it is now 4 years on and she has been trying to prove herself with no success and no information imparted to her as to why she is not going to get her son back. 


we cant seem to get any response from the caseworkers and eveytime she gets upset they call her mentally unstable and order her to be sectioned which she cant resist because it makes it worse.

can anyone help????

Hi we to no this pain of a life without kids those monsters ambushed us and snatched our 3 girls we don't no who to trust or who to turn to if you or someone you no could help us or even some advice on our legal grounds we have against them that would be great thanks. Andrew

Hi was reaching out as much as possible for help. I was intersate working my butt off and my ex wife lost the kids to DOCS NSW, I mhad no call and they have no returned my 11 month and 3 year old. No reason given except for concerns i usecd drugs 10 plus yearfs ago. Hlep Anyone Please


This epidemic is Nation Wide.
The corruption within DOCs have destroyed many parents lives.
Too many children are dieing or are molested, abused by those that claim to protect.
The heads of Government are Fully Aware, yet they will conceal and buck pass, for our children are nothing more then a commodity to the Government.

The Corruption of DOCs that Will lead to every other government body, the CMC/Ombudsman, the ministers of Child Safety, to state heads, to the Prime Minister require to be all held accountable.

Complaint to the Independant Commission Against Corruption NSW

This is my complaint to the Independant Commission Against Corruption NSW, regarding DoCS NSW, Linda Burney, Kristina Keneally, and Julia Gillard. The link is at the bottom of the page for anyone who has had their children wrongly removed by this corrupt department.

The mother who proved that DoCS NSW acted unethically contacted me when her children were first taken claiming they were wrongfully removed. She sold her house to fight for her children back. There were four children wrongly taken.

My accusation relates to the fact that all parents of children who had children removed because of investigatitons where any oif the corrupt docs staff were envolved irrevocably must be contacted immediately, and the removal of parental rights suispended until the accusations of this corrupt department are substantiated.

Standard procedure for police is to review all cases envolving corrupt police, this situatilon is more urgent because of the children envolved.

The DoCS coimplaints line.

evidence of corruption shown with thousands of complaints dismissed, or inefectual. The sole purpose of this service is to offer false security of a safety net, be notified of wrongful decisions, and stay informed of who is aware of the corruption taking place.

Julia Gillard is aware of this corruption but has failed to represent the children and parents who are victims of this corrupt department.

With 20 DoCS workers exposed for corruption, from one case, this is the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of families who encounter this problem are dissatisfied with their treatment by this department.

Julia Gillard has a duty to step in when she is aware of such a travesty.

Kristina Keneally is also fully aware. My letter of complaint to Julia Gillard was forwarded on without comment to the premier of NSW who forwarded it onto the minister, Linda Burney. If I am complaining about corruption, it is corruption to be referred back to the minister embroiled in the corruption.

I have contacted Linda Burney with my concerns on numerous occassions, never once has she returned my call.

The NSW government threatened me with Legal Action for turning whistle blower. This is against the Australian law for whistleblowers, and evidence of more corruption from the NSW governent.

I also am aware of the case of Betty Trestrain, who has accused the DoCS NSW of using false psychiatrist reports. This is not an uncommon claim from people dealing with this department.

All families assessed by the psychiatrist who was found to provide a false report in the case of Melina Evelyn Skidmore (Vassel) undoubtedly should have their cases come under review, as do the psychiatrists regularly contracted by this, and every department in Australia.

With the millions of dollars spent with these individuals, the fear of losing the golden goose if a psychiatrist does not "come up with the goods, is more than a remote possibility, it is now a reality, as is everything that this department has been accused of overwhelmingly for years with Linda Burney as Minister.

It is not acceptable that this is the only corruption present when so much unethical behaviour has been related to one case, a mother who went to them for help? Persecuted along with her children, by 20 people who are supposed to be there to help.

Somewhere along the way, this whole department has become permeated with the rotting stench of corruption. With the inclusion of 20 people in this corruption, there is no possibility that any staff member of that office is not aware of the wide spread corruption, and for the miinister not to be aware of such prevalant and organised misconduct, is negligence on her behalf.

I can assure you right now without seeing any figures, that there was no extreme rise in the number of complaints issued to DoCS complaints line at the onset of Melinas devastation. This did not just begin, but is deeply ingrained, and endorsed by the minister, the premier and the prime minister.

Ignorance is not conceivable. The prime minister has been contacted constantly about the corruption within this department, and the procedure of writing off all responsibility with an email saying go see the premier, is not acceptable.

She knows there is evidence of corruption, and has not acted upon this or followed up on the complaints.

This is not nearly as sever an example as from the premier Kristina Keneally. For a premier who knows of a major corruption occurrence to refer more allegations of corruption back to the corrupt source, is morally and responsibly incorrect, unethical and surely illegal.

Children need to be returned immediately, and a royal commission held into this department. The minister has operated with no supervision or investigation, protected by media laws, for way too long. It is the fault of the premier and the prime minister because they have failed to act immediately upon becoming aware of a major corruption existence.

This is the worst type of corruption in exixtence, with chldren being wrongfully removed by evil people. Still it goes on.


"Say your child safety worker had a boyfriend that broke her heart, and left her for a girl who smoked pot and wasn't a stick in the mud like she was, she hates pot smokers. Wo and behold any parent who smokes pot. This is her pet hate and she is allowed to spitefully inflict retribution for this difference in class and culture. Just because you don't take drugs does not make you a good parent, and just because you do take drugs it does not automatically make you a bad parent. That is just another excuse to wreck another family and a child's life."

Oppressive restrictions without practical sense, selectively enforced at the whims of any tyrant-in-a-teapot - and they keep wondering why their targets are coming up with genocidal references?


CHILDREN as young as one in state care are being given powerful ADHD drugs - against warnings from pharmaceutical companies.

And even when you do get off drugs, there is no set time limit. Drugs is their wild card. They do what they want.

Hi my 2babiis were taken n I've been fighting nearly a year now I did get off the drugs n had a major drop in my levels yet my case worker keri Sullivan from Ingleburn Sydney NSW didn't even have my levels back from the lab came n took my daughter from me saying that my children were not safe n I could not protect them n that I was still using then a week later get my levels back stops my urines so am unable to prove I'm off it I did everything they asked changed were I lived left my boyfriend cause of dv N was off the drugs nothing was good enough started councilling Completed parenting course n still not good enough keri Sullivan is a lier n even my contact worker has put official complaint in on her I hav made official complaint's I've even call the odbudsman I just need my babies back my son is with his father n has been since this all started n my daughter now with my mother after being in care for first 5mths they r my breath each n everyday n to not have them is my hardest obstacle I've ever had to face n I'm falling apart I'm majorly depressed n don't leave the house unless I'm seeing my children plz if some one can help me I'll do whateva I can to pay for help for the rest of my life just I need help now but I don't have the money now so if there's any1 who willing work now but get paid in weekly payments till the day I die if I have to please contact me n help me I'm a good mum n I love my kids more the life it self n right now I'm not living life I'm just standing still until I'm there mum again

What is worst of all, is that when they legally kidnap these children, quite often the children have never been abused or taken from their parents and they flip out. The CPS workers drug them up somthing shocking, I know of five year olds and eight year olds, I have seen the photos, it is disgusting.

A change in government in NSW is needed and more foster parents that do not have criminal records and better services for families that are in need of them. I feel for these parents that have had their children taken from them and also for the kids that do not have any families at all, their most at risk for abuse.

I am a parent thats a victim of DOCS CORRUPTION(Campbelltown,) I have 4 Kids in care 2 with MAJOR INTELLECTUAL DISABILIES, That attend a Special school, they dont get taught READING AND WRITING only living schools,I guess it docs way of stopping my kids from knowing wht happend, and stopping them from getting their rights met, eg having their voice at age of 12. (able to come home.) (ages 16,14 12 8) When they were first taken (Sept 2002) it was pertrade to be VOLUTARY TEMP CARE for 2 weeks, after my baby girl was born, I had Post Natal Depression, They were placed into care and assessed with in 9 days, They were sexually malested in care, by a teenager, boy in the residence they were placed in. with in 3 months, soon after that the teen took off. which Docs and the carers tryed blaming the natural family. I found out by that the teen did it, in reported it to DOCS, that day, to this day they havent done nothing..
My baby was place in care, JUNE 2009 due to disclosures that she made about her father, malestering her. during access, after i made a report, that i had concerns about h im and they made me give him access over night. i wanted to stop access. I had avos on him and it still didnt stop him from seeing her, now she was malested... HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS. WILL IT TAKE MY KIDS TO BE KILED FOR THEM TO WAKE UP.... WAKE UP AND SAVE OUT KIDS. FOR THEY ARE THE FUTURE ...SOMEBODY HELP..!!!

I am a parent thats a victim of DOCS CORRUPTION(Campbelltown,) I have 4 Kids in care 2 with MAJOR INTELLECTUAL DISABILIES, That attend a Special school, they dont get taught READING AND WRITING only living schools,I guess it docs way of stopping my kids from knowing wht happend, and stopping them from getting their rights met, eg having their voice at age of 12. (able to come home.) (ages 16,14 12 8) When they were first taken (Sept 2002) it was pertrade to be VOLUTARY TEMP CARE for 2 weeks, after my baby girl was born, I had Post Natal Depression, They were placed into care and assessed with in 9 days, They were sexually malested in care, by a teenager, boy in the residence they were placed in. with in 3 months, soon after that the teen took off. which Docs and the carers tryed blaming the natural family. I found out by that the teen did it, in reported it to DOCS, that day, to this day they havent done nothing..
My baby was place in care due to disclosures that she made about her father, malestering her. during access, after i made a report, that i had concerns about h im and they made me give him access over night. i wanted to stop access. I had avos on him and it still didnt stop him from seeing her, now she was malested... HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS. WILL IT TAKE MY KIDS TO BE KILED FOR THEM TO WAKE UP.... WAKE UP AND SAVE OUT KIDS. FOR THEY ARE THE FUTURE ...

By now you should know that you are asking and begging in vain. NSW Government wont help you, nor your children. It took me sometimes to understand that this government CAN help and protect but WONT. This is something nobody understand. Every new PM or NSW Premier must hold the same values to be re-elected. YOU ARE NOT ALLOW to help. Australia can afford to stop abuse, to compensate but they wont. Thats how system works.

see my case  http://new.home.tripod.com


Please, please contact me, my name is Janine my nigt mare evidence dates back 15 years nsw. evidence with Erin brockovich endorsed lawyers, know what you are saying, do my links join up?

NSW docs removes 5 children from loving home no drugs no alcohol no criminal records the oldest one took off got pregnant parents did not know for months children removed because she was not protected they did not even know the child stated parents did not know investigated by JIRT no charges against parents did nothing wrong but DOCS still wants them in long term care parents have sold home to pay legal fee's as guess what dad works 7 days a week a bad dad for not being home and because he works no legal aid even though that is useless anyhow final court hearing next month this is David V Goliath and yes a western Sydney CSC CORRUPT is the word and all the newly elected pollies have their names see if they have the guts to act will PRU act i dont think so people need to push her to act strength in numbers .These kids are screaming and demanding to go home and each time they do parents dont get contact as they are accused of encouraging this behavior

sorry to hear of your struggles and heartaches my heart goes out to all of the parents that have gone through these traumas, it is tottally inexcusable that a child dies in foster care at the hands of the carer or others where is the supervision of the child? this is a breach of duty of care the carer should be liable for damage done the standards need to be lifted and there should be more support offered to parents and carers the experts should share theirknowledge instead of punishing people and taking away their rights and their kids rights there is no textbook and no matter how good people think they are all have made mistakes parenting somewhere along the line parenting is about letting go of number one and sacrificing for your kids the parents show genuine love for their children by doing everything they can to have them back surely docs should wake up to itself and do more for orphan kids out there

I always here of stories like this docs remove the wrong kids and leave the ones that do need removing with their families.I know a lady who had her children removed now they are returned she does not look after her kids they are always dirty ,playing on roads have sores all over them their house is really dirty teir is actual dog shit inside and docs do nothing!the ones that have jobs look after their kids have them removed their is no justise

Now that the NSW election is over and the less than honourable Linda Burney sits on the other side of Parliament as the opposition...all corruption on Child Trafficking has been transferred to Pru Goward ..who does not give two hoots about the hundreds of children being commonly stolen for profit nor does she give a damn about the abused children being abused all over again
by the past abusers re: NGO's.

Talk about heads in the sand.

Corruption is RAMPANT in the NSW Child Protection system.

my son masterbated in front of my 5 yr old daughter we tried to deal with in house we seeked out help a physcoligist she then called docs and within an hour i had to remove my son from the house we had it under control for a month before they got envolved it been a nitemare ever since my son has been shoved from pillar to post since and he is going to move to walcha my son needs us to they are treating him like he is a criminal yes he did wrong but it was stupid teenage testostrum and nothing more he is a highly intelligent kid but lacks common sense like most 13 yr olds they have tore our family apart and there have no plan our son needs us more then ever now and we cant help can anyone out there help me we want our family back together he isnt a bad boy hes sister misses him dearly as does he brother he has lost hes best friend PLEASE PLEASE HELP US GET BACK OUR SON BEFOER HES NOT JUST ANOTHER SATISTIC

If that was my son I would have given him the beatimg of his life at 13 he is a sick puppy he should know better.what next rape?

Beating as the cure-all? Beating inculcates that violence is OK.
Masturbation is evil? Rape inevitably follows? This is kid stuff. Probably half the teenage population should get "the beatings of their lives".
Sick writer, sick DOCS raiders.
I am sure the writer is sexually so hung up he/she can't allow themselves any pleasure nor give it to anyone.


People who are seeking support or advice when dealing with DoCS should join the Luke's Army Group on facebook. If you would like to expose the corruption by telling your story please email me...

It all starts with corrupt judges lawyers and the legal system while you elect these type of people to office corruption and abuse will continue

First of all I am using a friends computer to express my opinions... I am also afflicted by the systems unorthadox and inhumane practices that have consistantly caused my beautiful innocent children and my entire family network irreversible psychological trauma. I'm still fighting for my children's rights on numerous levels and at the same time trying to get my children back together and being raised by the only person that truelly loves them and is dedicated in raising them to be the best they can be with the right ethical foundations to be upstanding citizens in society, their mother. I can't stress enough that children are not "resilient" as I am continuosly hearing, toward the terrifying experience of being suddenly taken away from their loving home to be dismissed to a strangers care and without any research into the childs background, upbringing and their individually developed personal characteristics. To any caring parent that's certainly not showing any concern for the welfare or the futures of these kids or the seriousness of the most important responsibility that exists in life, bringing up the next generation.

My son was removed from my home by my father(who works as a child psychologist-a school councellor-referring,etc,and is affiliated with DOCS,NSW),under the pretence of a day at the zoo.2 mins later a car pulls up and two women barge into my home waving a temporary care plan under the threat of "sign this or we"ll take him anyway".I knew nothing of the law regarding DOCS,so out of fear and intimidation,I did.They recognised the picture of my father on the wall and commented that they knew him and obviously on first name terms.(!).They agreed he was well cared for,loved and I kept a clean home.There was no domestic violence,no physical abuse and he had "excellent lunches"(with a tone of surprise and commented that it was indeed rare for 'druggies to feed their kids at all-let alone great lunches that my son had!)The only proof they had was that I smoked a little dope,and was on prescription medication-therefore claiming 'mental abuse of my son',and 'licit drug misuse'.I never had one day to defend myself in court-I wwas sent to detox.rehab and was promised his return.I had trouble finding housing and after 18 months of UDS's,weekly visits(more heartbreaking than words can say when visit over!),and still inable to find housing-I failed a urine screen on pot.GONE FOREVER,my son,and my parents sure got what they wanted.The housing problem only started as my parents kicked me out of the home I paid expensive rent for for for 4 yrs,locked my sons room up and I lost my home,my partner(Daniel's father!),my possesions,300-plus relatives,4 sisters and my oldest son lost a brother.Not to mention my baby I raised for 6 happy years,I was not perfect,but there was no need to remove my boy,who I had to lose contact with under secret threats from my father everytime a visit came up.He sexually and physically abused me as a child,and I hate that Daniel is with this pervert-yet I dont want him in foster care..!What do I do?I hate DOCS so much and truly believe the caseworker involved suffered guilt as she contacted me constantly a year after case closed.I threatened her with harassment,so its over.I smell guilt-don't you?Stolen Generation-its gone too far.

my two daughters were taken from me by docs cause my youngest had a bad accident at 3 months of age and they blamed me for it. i fell pregnant that same year and lost my little boy at 6 months into my pregnancy due to the stress docs put me under. i finally changed my plea at the courts to guilty coz the made me feel so bad. they also found out my youngest daughter has cerebral palsy and are blaming me for that too. i havent seen my kids for nearly a year and they have placed my oldest daughter with her father which sexually, physically and emotionally abused me and im afraid he will do it to my daughter. please help.i am currently pregnant with twins and they say i can keep them but what about my other children.i have also been through foster care from the age of 18months till i was almost 16 and i was sexually abused in all homes and had malnutrition and nearly died in one. the gave me a payout of $35,000 when i turned 18 thinking that would make it better but it doesnt.after i got out of foster care i went straight into a domestic voilence relationship and had my first daughter at the age of 17. docs are blaming my past for me being a bad parent. im not a bad parent, the stress got too much and i couldnt deal with it and accidentally shook my daughter.

i too have BIG problems with WELFARE.in WESTERN AUST.my 2 girls were kidnaped from me just over a year ago because we were HOMELESS!not once did dcp do anything to help.it seems like they go out of their way to 'hinder'me.3 mths AFTER they kidnaped my girls they forced me to go on INCOME MANAGEMENT[centrelink].who wants to rent to someone who cant'manage'their income??????none of their accusations stuck.i went to compulsary drug an alchol councilling-i do smoke pot but at the time wasnt.i also had urines done several times aweek-all clean.my councillor said it was pointless having anymore sessions as i didnt drink and seemed to have my smoking under control!not good enough for dcp i now have to have a hair follicle test done!i finally found a house to rent.in an area were i feel so isolated as its comepletly the otherside of town,it has been a constant struggle to keep the rent up.$300 per wk-couldnt get a bond from HOMESWEST as the rent was too high for my income!!!!!!i can only pay UP to $152 and some cents?wtf....ive struggled with boarders am 4 mths into my court ordered 6MTHS STABLE ACCOMODATION and am REALLY struggling to keep the rent up.i cant have boarders when the girls are returned so how do i pay rent?i often dont have food.i have an outstanding electicity bill.when i had my children my accounts were always in front.if i cant keep up my house they are never going to return my children.thankfully they are with my sister BUT it has caused a huge split in my family and we will NEVER be the same.i only get to see them twice a week for an hour and a half!!!!!supervised,no phone calls no letters [unless i give them to dcp to read and pass on]!!!!!!!i was told on the last set of school holidays that my sister was taking them away but my 9yr old insisted they werent as plans had changed but dcp wouldnt believe me until AFTER i had missed out on 2 visits.NO apology or extra time arranged-they dont have enough visit supervisors-wonder why?????i truly dont see how im going to get my children back!i have 4 children allup 30,21,9 and 5[my 5 yr had rarely been away from me].im angry!i put 2 good well adjusted kind caring adults into the world.both are married,one lives in england with her husband and two children the other lives in perth with his partner and new baby.how dare dcp tell me that im an unfit mother.................

WOW Is the first thing I can say after reading All these posts And I AM truly sorry to the other parents out there who are going through this

My Story is a little different So please be patient

It All Started approx 4 years ago.... in 2008.... BUT a Threat was made 3 days after My Baby boy was born ( Back in 2006 ), the highest point in my life happened....

Well To Start off a brief glossary of My Realationship with my fiance, Love of my life and Mother of my 3 beautiful PERFECT while imperfect kids

We started dating when She was 16 and I was 18. We met when I was 17 and she was 15, And we have now been together for Almost 10 years. She is hard to describe in words but I think Social Butterfly is the closest you can come to without getting to know her... She is a Happy, Radiant person who just makes you smile even when she upsets you... We have had our ups and downs like I think Most couples.... She was not well when we started dating, As she had Anorexia and Bulemia from involuntary starvation just after she turned 16 but I Won't get into that here... I was Subjected to DoCS Mal-treatment when I was a younger teen and Was sent to foster homes..... The first Foster home was with a single mother.... When I was dropped off I could not see the floor for the garbage and food piled on it. I Made money when I was younger and as All this faoster carer fed her Own kids was sandwhiches I Would buy myself some pies or Pizza or chips after school as I had no love of a Sandwhich only diet as at Home Since my Mother was a So So cook I Took over a large portion of the cooking as I LOVED it and took numerous cooking and hospitality courses in High school.... When The foster Parent And I Do use the term " Parent " Very loosely, Demanded I eat Vegemite sandwiches with her kids and I'd refuse on the grounds I was already full from food I bought with money I earnt she would yell and scream at me that it was not right to buy myself food without buying her and her kids the same food. To which I would reply They were not my responsibility... She would get verbally aggressive and make threats towards me about me going home ( I will add at this point I was removed from my home because my younger brother and I Were Hostile towards each other and I Will get into that shortly )After 2 weeks of this I just walked out. Packed my school bag with my home work and school work, Clothes, Grabbed my fishing gear and walked out

At this point I was returned Home By DoCS, for some weeks to maybe a month or 2. I was then placed in another foster care home. I Actually liked it there. And to this day I Still speak when I can to that foster parent. Whilst I was Living with this foster parent cause I was too far away from the gold course I used to collect gold balls out of, clean up and sell on weekends to the players I sought out a job at the driving range on the next street. I Was told That he had no work for me So I asked if I just collected golf balls out of the drain that ran along side the driving range as long as I returned them to him.. I was told I could. After the first day He hired me And I was making about $10-$20 a day which I saved. After I had a couple of hundred $ saved up DoCS informed the carer that I was a " Flight risk " and ordered her to take my money away, Mind you for years I had been saving All my money and spending it on fishing gear which is still my one free passion... When I returned home from school and after " Work " Went to place my day's wages in my money tin it was gone. I confronted the Carer and she told me she was told to take my money away as I was a flight risk. I walked out the door. Left my clothes, Grabbed my fishing gear, Jumped on my bike and took off.... Police found me at Approx 0200 fishing / sleeping At a Local reserve. End of DoCS foster homes for me

As I previously mentioned My Brother and I were Hostile towards each other... Here is My Explanation

My Parents divorced when I was in year 4 I think, My Younger brother in year 3... Maybe I was in year 5 and he was in year 4 But A Lot of my Past is groggy from a DoCS Issue. As Such She moved us from Sydney ( Moving was not new to us as we moved Every year when I was a Kid sometimes 2 times a year ) To Dorrigo where her mother lived. Suddenly I was thrown into male role model role when I was not ready for it Nor did I have the capacity to fulfill it and I resented my brother for forcing it on me, My Mother for ordering me to take my brother with me when I went door to door selling knick knacks I'd Make and sell for pocket money....
After a while I realised that when my younger brother got aggressive and abusive and out of control a " Kick up the backside " Would pull him in line usually.... But for my mother he was still out of control.... a year later we moved to Sawtell


Life was OK before DoCS involvement... It was far from great buy managable...I Would Alternate between fishing, Bodyboarding and collecting gold balls to sell during the week. Saturday I'd sell the gold balls and Sunday I'd go into Coffs to Fish and relax ( After school work had been done ) Now DoCS Is on the scene. My Brother had since I was staying out most nights to 2100 or later and on weekends till 0200 or even over night fishing trips had gone to use the term " Insane " He had started bashing the neighbourhood girls and the boys as well to stealing things with the neighbourhood boys to out right attacks on people. I Will admit here when I heard of him ( being 12 at the time ) Beating up on an 8 year old girl and leaving her in bruises I Would give him a taste of what he had dished out and that would be the end of it for a couple of weeks.... then I'd be fishing every night and he'd get egged on by his " Mates "
After I found out it was his friends egging him on I put my foot down. My Mother was not exactly able to do anything and At times I think she really didn't care as she is one of those people who are obsessed with how you look rather than how you are... DoCS came in swinging... I was forced to stay home in the afternoons instead of going fishing / Bodyboarding / collecting golfballs. When My Brother bashed a kid from the area or stole he was taken for " Time out / Cooldown time " as it was called where he was taken to a movie by the DoCS worker... After many weeks of me asking why he was being rewarded for breaking the rules and Actually breaking laws it was still going on

Then 1 Night I had a friend stay over on the friday... My Mother went to the club as per usual... So it was myself, My friend and My brother.... Now I Will say my friend did not like my brother... And as such he did goad my brother into a reaction and in all fairness I Could have done more to stop him from gaoding him into a reaction... But as I previously said I was resentful. My brother Actually picked up a meat cleaver and my nice new butcher knife from the kitchen and chased us around the house with them. I managed to get my mate into my room while my brother chased me around and then I went to my room and slammed the door shut just as my brother swung the knives at me. As Soon as those knives hit my door I opened and Hit him HARD in the face... Probably not the right reaction but he dropped the knives and ran to his room

My Removal from home

That ends the brief over view of my history with DoCS Until

The day My Son was born....

We were living in North QLD, On Hayman Island
We found out we were going to be parents... I Will say I HAD Planned on being married with a fulltime job and at the very least a mortgage before having kids ( I predicted and hoped for 27-29 ) But alas good things usually come at un expected times :) And When I say unexpected I mean unexpected. My Fiance had a rather bad reaction to Implanon ( The Implant, The Bar, A Birth control method where a Metal tube I believe is inserted in the arm and it releases over 2-3 years birth control, Kind of the same as the Needle but a longer term affect ) And she was removed from it after 6 months. We Were told she could not start birth control until her first cycle... But that never happened... We were told because of the complications with the Implant her cycle could take several months to start up again.... LOL..... How wrong were we all

After 3 months My Fiance Was starting to eat more but not put on weight, She was fatigued and her sleeping pattern was changing. So I took her to mainland under the pretence of a shopping trip and suggest " As a Joke " a Pregnancy test at our GP. As Her being pregnant scared her because we were well over 2000 km's from either her's or my nearest relative. It came back positive ^_^ She was scared... But mostly of telling her mum that she was pregnant at 18. She had initial fears That I think every young mum has, but as the pregnancy wore on and she saw the ultrasound of our Son she changed so much. It changed from something she was scared of to She literally GLOWED with happiness.

The day before My Son was Born

My Fiance had a routine appointment at the Coffs Harbour Office ( We had moved from North QLD to ease her fear of lack of support due to distance to be closer to her family ) And We had concerns over her loosing a LOT a fluid during the 3 hours leading up to it.. When we had the appointment They Dr who she was seeing would not administer a test to see if it was amniotic fluid and flat out refused to have another Dr check.. As she was busy training a student DR on how to determine the position of the Baby and so on.... SO we go home... BUT by the time we got home after the 30 min drive back she had lost over 2 ltrs and we turned around and I FORCED them to administer the tests. Her waters had broken.

1900 that night

Visiting hours in the maternity ward to which she was now admitted were over. LUCKILY we had packed everything from clothes to snacks to baby goods to maternity products and Had them with us. My Fiance asked if I could stay cause she was scared / worried I wouldn't be there with her when the time come... The Mid wife said they can do an internal exam to see if she is dilated enough to warrant me staying. They put the call through to the Male Gynocologist and OBGYN. At Which Point my Fiance asked if a Female Dr or Mid wife could perform the check. We were told it would be ok and the called the DR back and said My Fiance wanted a Female to perform the check

Midwife comes back saying DR says it is too late to perform a check so it isn't going to be done.

My Mother came down from where she was staying so she could be close by when Her grandchild was brought into this world. After about an hour of her promising she was taking me somewhere close enough that I could get back in a hurry I spoke to My fiance and told her I'd be back as soon as I was called and not to fret... She was initially concerned about me staying outside the Hospitals Maternity ward on a bench but as she found out I was going 15 mins away she did get a bit woried.

I Settled her down, Promised her I'd be back before anything happened and waited for her to go back into the Maternity ward ( The Coffs Hospital Does have a Mental health unit there and some patients have been known to escape )

0300 the next morning

I get a call that My Fiance ( Really sorry about referring to her like this but I am not sure I want to mention names ) has gone into full Labour. I get to the hospital and get into the delivery room after being told at Maternity that she is crying for me... Anyways 14 mins after the phone call I Witnessed my Son brought into this world. And a More joyess occasion and Life altering I had never expirenced

3 Days later

Hopsital Head Mid Wife ( One of them ) Refuses to Allow us to go home with our son

5 days later Same story

7 days later Same still

14 days Later I DEMAND an explanation

Am Informed that My Fiance and I are not fit to be parents by head Mid wife because We were Happy, Excited, Looking forward to being parents, Eager to Welcome our Son Into this world and we were not taking it seriously. Not like they complained about the suitcase of clothes for my fiance, or the suitcase of baby clothes for my son, or the back pack with maternity products ranging from 3 different sized cip Maternity bra's to maternity pads and breast pads, wool cream, Nappies, Baby powder.... Basically everything you need for a new born ( As I said we were Highly excited about our Son )
Am Also informed that DoCS has said we are not allowed to go home because they are currently seeking proceedings to take our brand new Boy away from us. My Fiance bursts into tears. I calm her down and assure her I'll get to the bottom of this as I had heard stress could cause issues with milk production and as she was going to be breast feeding as it is better for our child it was imperative to me to keep her happy and calm.

I Stormed out of the Hospital and called DoCS right away
Seems the Mid wife spoke to soon as I had got in before the complaint had finished being lodged and DoCS assured me that they had nothing to do with it

I Stormed up to Hospital Management and Made a formal complaint and threatened legal action based on discimination

I Spoke to the evening shift head Mid Wife, She cleared my Baby boy to come home after 2 weeks of hell from the staff and a brief DoCS issue. 2 weeks later a formal Apology from the hospital arrived in the mail

Now back to 2008

I am 3/4's deaf now in both ears. Why I will eventually get around to the tests Needed to find that out and to to determine if it can be fixed but for now that isn't important.
In 2009 We were ( Still are ) Living in Grafton. Because I do have hearing issues and could not hear the front door if someone knocks on it from the lounge room or the kitchen I Had moved the PC I bought into the front / entrance room to the unit we were living in So as If the mail man or anyone came to the door I would be able to hear them.

My Fiance was at Tafe 3 days a week I think, 2 of my 3 kids were in day care. It was the one day a week where My fiance was at Tafe and due to the Day care my 2 eldest went to not having All the days available that she went to Tafe I had All the kids home with me that day.

DoCS turn up at about 1700ish

Someone had called them and said we had left the kids at home alone.

I Told them flat out " You have to be joking. I am here All day long, The only time I leave the front room is to change nappies, Make lunch or snacks or to get more toys / put them away OR if I have to go to the bathroom. I Actually had neighbours who I'd chatted to not long before The complaint was called in as I was hanging washing outside while All 3 were down for naps. So I can only guess Someone came to the door when I went to the bathroom.
DoCS leave but not for long


We had to move... So My Mother took All 3 of the kids over the weekend so My fiance and I could finish the last of the packing and clean the house as we had moved just about everything except cleaning products and a few pots / pans / plates which we would need over the weekend to finish the cleaning and eat.

ON the monday morning

My Mother returned in a BAD mood. She had had a bad weekend with her husband and his friends who Have a child with a mental issue which tends to make her violent without her even realising it. I did not know They would be there or I would never have allowed my kids to go out there in the first place.... Anyways
She is in a foul mood. As she pulls up my son jumps out of the car as she is backing up. She almost runs him over. I have a Good go at her for
1. Having him in the front seat
2. Allowing him to open the door before the car stopped
3. For Not WATCHING him after we warned her he is advanced for his age

Understandably she is already in a bad mood and that " Attack " on her I guess was the straw that broke the camels back. She starts yelling at my Fiance and I, Accusing us of going out and drinking All weekend and using drugs and partying instead of cleaning because when she arrived While my Fiance loaded the cleaning products into the car I was hosing off the outside of the house to finish up. After those accusations I went off at her and So did my Fiance. We had been cleaning for 2 days from 0600 till 2300 and were tired.

My Mother lashed out. She knew violence Had no affect on me as I was beaten At home ( NOT really beaten... I was smacked... a LOT... But in All fairness I did get into a lot of trouble ) And at High School I was Bullied and beaten by other kids. Although I never fought back as that would of got me grounded or suspended I took a LOT of beatings so they didn't phase me.... So she lashed out at My Fiance. I Got involved and after stepping between them and my mother trying to go around me to keep Attacking my fiance and trying to jump over me to keep attacking her I had enough. I grabbed her wrists and HELD her down while My fiance removed All our stuff from the car while we waited for the police to arrive.

After 20 mins with still no police I told My Fiance to go inside. Once behind a Locked door I released my mothers wrists and told her to " Eff Off and never come back, And we will be seeking to have her charged with Assault and have an AVO placed on her "

My Mother went straight from our house to the police station at which time the Police turned up

We are told My Fiance's Face being Black with bruises, Throat being swollen and bruises, Missing hair and having bruises All up and down her arms and upper chest was not good enough as proof of an Assault.... And that My Mother had just been into the office crying cause " I had attacked her and told her she would never see her grandbabies again " I Will state here My Mother did have bruises around her wrists. Police say they will not charge her with assault and will not place and AVO on her and I Was lucky not to be charged with assault and Unlawfully detaining someone.

Later that day

We finally get to our new house. Have been in the house for 20 minutes when 2 DoCS workers turn up. The Police had called them because of a domestic disturbance where Kids were present.

The 2 DoCS workers Start Telling us we are BAD Parents cause of All the boxes and bags of stuff around the house. We stated we just moved and had literally been in the house for 20 mins and were in the middle of doing dinner before putting the kids to bed and starting unpacking.

Not good enough. We are bad parents because as we moved stuff from one house to the next we didn't unpack it. Mind you we only had access to a truck to move everything for one hour on the friday.

I tell them to take a hike and things don't magically unpack when you walk out the door to get the next lot of items to come over to the new house.
DoCS leave after verifying ( Via Our new Tenancy agreement ) That we had Just moved in, Not like the Police didn't inform them!

A Couple of weeks to maybe months later

Someone starts using DoCS to Harrass us. Everything from using drugs infront of the kids, To Refusing them medical treatment ( My Eldest Daughter had a sniffle ), To not feeding them, to beating them, to no clothes, to no beds, to garbage all over the house, the list went on and on.... All told I think there were maybe 10-20 Unfounded, blatant lies made about us for what ever reason I don't know... BUT these lies were made within the course of a month. With one week we had 4 visits from these 2 DoCS workers. NOW they knew from their visit the day before or 2 days before that the Reports were unfounded. Yet they came out anyway to Harass us.

The Male DoCS worker would sit there and Have a go at my Fiance and I because we had our Shoes is an Empty NAPPY Box and not on a shoe rack. THAT was their only concern at the time. And how they felt Justified in coming back every time a complaint was made as we were such bad parents cause we had our shoes in an empty nappy box instead of on a shoe rack.

The End Of their Visits in 2009

They ( The 2 DoCS Workers ) Had made an Appointment with us. We organised it with them at our home as it was a follow up check up to see if we had removed the nappy box as use as Shoe storage. We had organised the appointment for approx 2 hours before My Fiance had a Job Interview across town. When the 2 DoCS officers never showed I Suggested to My Fiance to go an hour early and try and get in early so if they do try and time their arrival for when she would be out of the house we could catch them off guard and she would be here.

My Fiance got into her appointment early and was 10 minutes from home when The Male DoCS worker turned up with 2 Police officers
I Asked them to wait about 5 minutes as My Fiance was on her way home and should be here shortly as she had originally requested the time for the appointment as she had questions she would like to ask.

Male DoCS Officers Said " NO. I have to cite the children NOW "

So I said 1 sec. Went and got my kids from playing and brought them to the door.

Was Ordered to Open the Door NOW.

Asked my kids to please go play in my daughters room as it is farest from the door and had a proper door ( Not a Sliding one ) On it

I State In a few minutes when My Fiance gets home.

DoCS officer tells me if I do not open door he will Authorize Police To Kick down my door and use any means necessary to remove me from the premises if I do not comply.

I State that is illegal without a warrant and I had already said I will as soon as My Fiance gets home

DoCS Officers Tells Police to Kick down my door, At which point my kids had come out of their room because of the raised voices and one of the officers unlatched his gun and had his hand on it.

I Quickly opened the door. I Did NOT want my kids seeing a gun drawn on their dad, Nor would I of backed down as as soon as someone pulls a weapon on me it tends to get me very agressive. And I did not want my kids to see the result of Gun + Agro Daddy.

2 Minutes after I opened the door in Walks My Fiance. She was NOT Happy.... And even less happy after hearing what had already Happened

As Soon as DoCS and Police leave we Launch Offical complaints about both the Police and the DoCS worker.

No DoCS Visits for the next few years

But then again no actual punishment for those involved either

Onto NOW

Approx 9 weeks ago

My Daughter is in Kindy, My Son in year 1, My Youngest has just started her pre kindy classes

Both our kids were coming home from school with HIGH Amounts of bruises. My Partner did not want me speaking to the school cause I am Blunt in what I say. I do not beat around the bush nor do I take being pushed around very lightly, Especially now that I have kids as I do NOT want them thinking that is the usual thing nor do I want them to accept it if it happens to them. So as Such I Abided her wishes... I let her speak to the school... She made many complaints to both kids teachers.... And By the end of It I told her to end the Bullying our kids were happening at School Or I'd speak with the teachers and Principal.

She threatened the School With Legal Action on the Thursday Afternoon if our Kids kept coming home with such a high amount of bruises ( They are kids. I EXPECT them to get some bruises )

Friday. No new Bruises. Happy the School is finally doing something

Saturday Morning During or Just after Breakfast

DoCS Arrives. The Female Officer from the visits in 2009 along with an elderly female officer. SOMEONE called DoCS At 1600 on Friday afternoon claiming we were beating our kids senseless

They check the kids over. State they have a LOT of " Light bruising " We explain about the bullying at School. DoCS workers Say " So Says You "
They then procede to check the house. ( I Will go off track here for a moment to explain The previous 2 weeks )

2 weeks prior our Washing Machine Died. $400 for repais and 2-5 weeks wait on parts and Labor... Or buy a new washing machine for $450-$500. Luckily for us this happened Just before Tax time so we used the FTB rebate to get the washing machine AND a Dryer. Which we bought on the Wednesday and was delivered on the Friday at Approx 1300. From 1300 on Friday to about 0200 Saturday we were washing as for 2 weeks we could only hand wash and the washing had backed up a bit.... And on top of that when the Guys who delivered the new washer and dryer took our old washing machine to the Garage My Fiance noticed that bags of clothes we had stored in the garage had somehow became wet. And she brought them up to sort through them and wash and dry what could be salvaged and throw out the rest. Now back to story

The DoCS Officers noted that washing was piled up. We explained that the washing machine broke 2 weeks ago and we only had the new one delivered yesterday ( The day before )

DoCS Workers Say " So Says You "
At which point we ask if they want to see the receipt with the delivery date on it. They say NO

DoCS Workers then move onto the rest of the house. Claiming it is filthy, Dishes piled up. Garbage All over the house ( We had the clothes from the garage in Garbage bags ) We pointed out that the bags were CLOTHES

" So Says YOU "
We tear 2 open and prove they are clothes. They are not interested

They then claim the dishes Were piled up and had not been done in weeks. At which point I LAUGH And tell them we have 3 Dinner Platers, 2 Mugs and 3 Drinking glasses. They get washed multiple times a day.

So Says YOU

They move onto the bathroom. The Toilet had a film on it. It is " Filthy " I tell them flat out 30 seconds with bleach without scrubbing will get that off as it is mostly coffee stain ( from tipping cold coffee down the toilet ) And The lower bowel under the water line has a permanent stain that I have never been able to get out which was there when we moved in.

So Says YOU

Apart from that the floors needed to be vacumed, The windows in Winter where the temperature reaches 1 Degree at times had condensation on them and we should have them open At All times for " Ventilation "

I tell them that is NOT good enough. I Point out the washing machine had broke down and we only just got a new one the day prior, I Point out that it is Winter And having my Windows open in the area we live in is not just a health risk from extreme cold but also a crime risk. I Point out hard to have dishes pile up when you only have enough for 1 meals use FOR the express purpose of ensuring they get washed before OR after every meal.

BUT According to these DoCS workers a family one Centrelink ( Believe me I WISH I could get a Job ) Does not have that kind of Cash on hand when we have bills to pay, clothes to buy, Treats for the kids when they get another award at School and they have behaved at Home. Treats as in a $2 toy from the reject shop / Sams Warehouse And either a McDonalds Dinner, KFC ( Which I really don't like as it is HIGHLY expensive ) Or Pizza.

BUT Not having $400 on hand for washing machine repairs is not good enough. Not Allowed to Budget or Lay Buy NO. Have to have the cash on Hand.

I tell them THAT is a Joke. $400 is what I get a fortnight ( I Actually get $430ish As My partner gets the FTB ) And with $240 a week on rent, Paying bills which piled up when my Fiance tried to do the finance for a year and managing to buy clothes for the kids, For My Fiance, Treats for my kids, At the end of the week After everything is said and done there is nothing to save. After we have paid bills and bought food everything else either goes on bills ( Including Christmas Lay buys as we do The Christmas shopping during the Mid Year Lay Buy till Christmas AT Big W T Help ease the financial stress )And For the time I do NOT have the Ability to save any money. This time next year We will be appox $100 a week better. BUT at the moment I can not afford to save.


End of DoCS Inital Visit. The Allegation of Us beating out kids proven unfounded but they " Found some other issues while here "

4 days later

DoCS Return for follow up visit.

Washing All gone as we do not like to let it pile up at ALL as with 3 kids anything piling up is a BAD idea
Toilet Sparkeling except the one stain ( 30 seconds with bleach )
Floors vacumed
Since the did not come right after a meal dishes were done
I refused to open the windows as in the middle of the day it was still freezing to the point where the kids did not want to take their jumpers off or their track pants off and as soon as they got home they grabbed their blankets and snuggled down to watch a movie with Daddy ( Pokemon, Power Rangers and the likes )

Still Not good enough. DoCS Officers Adiment we are misusing our Finances as we don't have Several Thousand Dollars on Hand ( As I notified them I WAS Concerned with 1 of their beds But had to get the car registered first otherwise it would be hell doing the shopping, getting them to school, and being able to get them to the hospital IF they needed to go ) I EXPLAINED to them that I can not simply buy one of them a new bed and not the other 2 as they will get Jealous and likely try and destroy it So I have to LAY BUY 3 beds. I Will concede right here that my daughters ARE sharing a bed as they destroyed one about 2 months ago by jumping on it and folding it in half. And As Such I have to Budget really carefully so that I can pay the Required $100-150 a week so as to get the beds ( We got 3 Beds, The cheapest Actual beds they were able to get, $400 each, Which were reduced to $349 each. ON top of that I have with the same lay Buy 3 Mattress Protectors that IF they fail to prevent any water / urine getting onto the beds the company who makes them will pay for a dry cleaner to come and clean the beds. Grand Total $1451

I Don't know about anyone else but I don't have that kind of cash on hand. Anytime we have even a few Dollars spare it goes on the kids.

We rarely drink. Maybe 6 times a year. At Tax time I DID buy 1 Carton of beer.... It lasted 10 days. We smoke Tobacco but not around the kids unless we are outside. We don't beat out kids but we DO Discipline them when they require it... We MOSTLY try and encourage them to make the right decisions And if they make the wrong one give them the chance to realise it before correcting them. We DO Allow our kids their " Sibling Rivalry " To Which DoCS has stated that they are too young to have Sibling Rivalry and we are neglecting them if we allow them to Wrestle and work it out. IF they do get violent ( As in more than wrestling and they hit or kick ) We pull them up and send them off to their rooms. BUT THAT is neglect because we Allow them to wrestle in the first place. Yes they do get Some SOME bruises from each other And yes they can be very rough with each other.

BUT To Date Not 1 Single broken bone, Not 1 chirped tooth, Not 1 injury to warrant a Hospital visit. Their have been 2 illnesses though.

When My Youngest was 2 months old ( She was 5 weeks premi ) Her Older Brother and sister were in day care. They came home with what we though was a cold / flu.
Little did we know how wrong we were. During the night our Youngest was sniffling, Buy 0300 she was coughing, by 0600 she was wheezing and by 0900 she looked like she was having difficulty breathing. We took her to Hospital right away. She had contracted RSV. Or Respiratory syncytial virus. The DR AT the Hospital did not treat her With the exception of putting her on Oxygen. For 1 week she lay there crashing ( SPo2 Levels dropping to under 45% ) and they would do nothing no matter how much we pleaded and begged. My Fiance went to the hospital with her as I had to stay with our Older 2. THAT was the hardest week in my life.... When My Daughter Lay dieing and no one would help

After 1 week I Called the hospital after the DR once again refusing to perform any tests or provide any treatment and subtly hinted at Malpractice.
1 Hour later they had done Xrays on my Daughter, She had 2 Collapsed Lungs, and was drowning in fluid from both All the oxygen they had her on and another virus she picked up while in hospital. They called for a child care flight immediately. Now for the worst 4 hours of my life.

We did not kn ow if they were sending her to Mater Childrens Hospital Or to Westmead. Although Westmead was closer to my Fiance's Family I had had bad expirences there and we had head a lot about improper sterilisation on surgical equipment and such so we were hoping we could go to Mater. Until the child flight arrived and she was loaded on the plane we did not find out where she was going. My Fiance went with her. I called My Mother ( Before she attacked my Fiance ) And begged her to come in ASAP so I could take clothes for My fiance and my Daughter up to the hospital as well as toiletries and baby needs. I then Had to beg her to take my oldest 2 kids while I caught a train to Where ever ( At the time I did not know if I was going North or South ) And Although I knew I should of been with My Oldest 2 kids I could not be parted any longer from my little girl when I thought she was going to die. I got lucky in that the train to Brisbane left 15 minutes after I got back from the hospital after dropping off clothes for my Fiance and Things they'd need before I Arrived At the hospital. Longest train ride in history and worst. Phone kept dropping out, Battery Was nearly dead. Had to communicate with My Fiance via SMS in case my phone died, No idea where Mater was, My Fiance unwilling to leave her side unless Our daughter was under going tests and she had to leave the room...

She got better. The Drs from the child care flight Gave her what the Dr at the hospital should of done from the start. 1 Single dose of Anabolic Steroid had her well enough to survive the flight. And I say well enough because she was literally Almost dead. We had to hope that she'd be able to handle the flight or I was going to loose my daughter hundreds of km's away and my Fiance wouldn't have someone there for support and THIS IS OUR DAUGHTER. Almost Killed by an EXPERT Used By DoCS in their cases till his qualifications were questioned on the stand. But that was before we knew he was not fully qualified as to which I am under taking that with the hospital. No I Don't want money. I Want His Licence. I want to stop him from doing to My Little girl and my family to another family. But once again another story

After that single Anabolic Steroid shot she improved dramatically. 24 hours later she opened her eyes for the first time in a week. 72 hours later she fed from a bottle. 1 week later she was discharged and was well again. 2 weeks after we admitted our girl to Hospital she was well. Mater Children's and Child Care flight Saved My Daughters Life And I can not express even to this day what that means to me.

The 2nd time one of our kids had an Illness, Our Boy had a high fever. And he wasn't keeping any food down. They gave us some medication for him and told us to buy some electrolyte drink for him and said he was ok to go home IF we could monitor him over night ( Temperature and if he keeps the fluids down as well as some food ) We said no problem as I have insomnia and have difficulty sleeping at the best of times I just read in his room by candle light All night till My Fiance got up and while she was giving everyone breaky I Stole an hours sleep. End Of that

Back top DoCS Now. Everytime one thing goes from their list of concerns Another comes up.... From My youngest's Side effect from the RSV Being a slight heart Murmur And her eyes being slightly un aligned, Us Medically Neglecting our Daughter as we are not seeking Medical treatment for something that is not medically treatable and we can only monitor, To lack of Supervision cause the kids wrestle, to us not playing outside in winter when it is freezing cold and toes are turning blue, to not opening the house up for same reasons, To Us Smacking our kids when they go to far, to The schools complaints about our kids behaviour, too which I have spoken to them and Our kids are model students in the class room, BUT when they have absolutely no supervision they misbehave! And My Oldest Daughter instead of sitting with class mates Prefers to play on the computer as she does not like the games they play. BUt According to DoCS My Kids are out of control, Lack Boundries, Are Misbehaving in class, Are diruptive, Lack Social Skills etc etc etc.

Was informed at an interview that DoCS is never going away so we might as well bend over and take it otherwise they will start legal proceedings to take our kids away. I WILL NOT Be blackmailed into having someone else care for my child. Because THAT is their whole " Safe Plan " In home Child care, Which I Had when I was a Young Teen and have explained why I am against here and to them, Vacation Care for My Oldest 2, Which I am Against as Neither I Nor their mother work due to lack of jobs in the area, Therefore There is NO Reason for it especially as I think They are now old enough to behave well enough to go fishing and be trusted to be careful and I feel they will REALLY enjoy it as they have seen some fishing shows and LOVE the idea of fishing so am REALLY hoping that my life long passion has passed onto them so I can go fishing every weekend if we can afford it. Next Part of Safe plan Is Pre School for my youngest, Which we have Explained NUMEROUS times as parents send their kids to pre school with the flu and likes as her immune system is weak and will be weak until she is 5-7 years old even a simply flu can land her in hospital. At Mater the Specialist informed us to expect her to develop Pneumonia multiple times until she is about 6 as with her weakened immune system any virus she gets will likely get much worse and require hospitalisation. Since she was Discharged from Mater Childrens Hospital she has been Sick 5 times. 3 Times she had a fever ( Very slight Which me monitored every 20 minutes and gave her childrens panadol for every 6 hours as well as increased her liquid intake and switched her to custards and pureed fruit and vege for to make it easier on her digestion ) and 2 times where she just simply threw up with no fever and her not feeling sick.... WHICH we attribute to her over eating Which she does do occasionally.

Now this DoCS Worker has Accused us as being the reasons for her Contracting RSV, The Reason why she Almost Died And had to be Flown to Mater Childrens Hospital, Accused us of Medically Neglecting Our Precious Daughter Because we Monitor her heart Murmur ( Pulling her up when she is running around if she starts looking very tired, puffed out or dehydrated ) And get her to rest or have a Nap.

They have tried to Bully and threaten us in every way Possible. I have done nothing wrong. The only Valid Issue / Concern is SOMETHING I BROUGHT UP. Something I Told them about that I WAS DOING without their even noticing it. Why you ask? Because I am Honest. I teach My Kids Honesty. Regardless of if you will get in trouble. I teach them Values. I DO NOT Teach them Communist laws. I teach them Values and Morals and More to to the Point I ALLOW them the chance to use them.

When I Asked My Oldest Daughter why She didn't sit with the other kids in her class she said to me and I Quote " I don't like " X " Because we are supposed to hold the hands of our buddy when walking between class and she refuses to hold me hands so I won't sit with her. " But what About All your friends darling? " They sit with her so I just do my own thing unless she's not there "

I Am Very proud of you Sweetie for not caving in and for sticking by what you feel is right.... But why doesn't she hold your hand?

" I don't Know "

Don't you think you should find out before you judge her?

" Yes :: Looks at feet :: "

Ok Sweetie... Well speak to her when you see her next and see what happens ok. And I am Very proud of you for doing what you feel is right

" OK Daddy "

My Daughter has Not only displayed at 5 years old what most teens don't understand but also choose the correct way to go about it. She could of tried to turn the other kids against this girl but didn't. But then again she is 5 and I doubt she'd think like that. BUT at 5 years old she is Already showing morale fibre and not only that But she is HAPPY About. I do NOT Care what the School Says. I Do NOT Care what DoCS Say. I Have provided DoCS With Copies of the GP's Health check stating that ALL Our kids are spot on for the age. 42nd percentile. That none of them have any signs of Abuse OR Neglect in any way BUT I am taking it one step further. I am taking them All to a Paediatrician for a Specialist report. UNFORTUNETLY it is the Paediatrician DoCS picked out SO if I feel things are Biased I Will call for a 2nd Opinion.

I Do Not care what they think of me. I do not care what they do to Me. They will NOT Harm My Kids and Any Such Attempt I Will respond in the way the law states I can respond when Someone is at risk of Physical Or Mental Abuse. They Will NOT Harm my kids. They WILL NOT Do to them what They did to me. My Kids are worth a thousand of Me And I Will not have Wackjobs telling them they are any less than perfect the way they are.

I Have notified DoCS That due to lies, Abuse And False Allegation Made against myself and My Fiance that I WILL be Audio Taping ALL Future interviews at DoCS Offices, Have Informed them I WILL Be Video Taping ALL Home Visits. They have refused to Consent And have threatened Legal Action Against me if I try.

I Am going to do it anyway And word the start of every recording with

I Am letting you know THAT I will be recording this home visit / interview with Video / Audio. IF You Choose to continue with this home Visit / Interview THAT will be considered Consent. If You do Not Consent PLEASE LEAVE NOW.

If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear from having ACTUAL Evidence not Just what they say.

Their Jobs are to protect kids. Where they fail they are accountable.

After they made many threats about removing our kids I said I have had enough Bullshit ( I did use those words ) And Stated I Will start legal proceedings against them )Now they have stated they Are NOT going to take our kids away BUT if we fail to comply with the next " Safety Plan " They will take us to court to force us to comply.

If the Safety plan is fee-sable We have no problem complying But We will not place our kids in anothers care Especially after All the horror stories here and as of late on the news. We are BOTH here for our kids. We do NOT need to have someone else raise them.

To Date I have gone through DoCS Complaints and was referred by them to contact the OMBUDSMAN as the Complaints unit was not happy with responses and with everything that was going on they did not feel they could get to the bottom of this quick enough to stop our kids being removed. The OMBUDSMAN has looked into it and has now referred the complaint back to the DoCS office and workers I have complained about... But I think Things are changing. But we will see. I am in the process of writing to the minister and my State MP And Will if left no Alternative take them to court. ALL The legal Aid and legal advice I have obtained is the same thing

DoCS has such a Wide Range of Power That we can not help. BUT if they start proceedings to take your kids away call us right back so we can represent you. Like HELL. Sure we will get involved once it has gone to far to really do anything.... And then we just get our pay check and we don't really care if we actually help you.

Nope. No Legal Aid for me. And I have no Doubt this will go to court eventually. They Already tried building a case against ME for Abuse and I believe were looking at having an AVO Placed out on me forcing my Fiance to choose between our kids and myself which I WOULD NOT Allow her to do. With the exception of when I was younger and forced into a parent role to my younger brother I Have no record of being violent. In fact I was Almost Always the victim as when I was 5 I had outburst of Anger at a School bully who knocked my 2 front teeth out and that horrified me to shy away from violence. I deplore Violence. I did not even retaliate in 2004 when I was out with a Friend in Sydney after my Fiance gave me permission to go out with my friend to a night club when I was hit in the head with knuckle dusters ( Brass Knuckles ) I Simply turned and looked at the 2 guys and said do you really want to do this.

I Have never EVER Been violent. But That being Said I ALWAYS Stood up for what I believed was RIGHT. Even against friends and Family and work mates. As Such have never been very popular But to me doing what is right is MORE Important than What makes you liked. And I am trying to pass that onto my kids. Another reason Why I Won't back down to DoCS. My Fiance and I have not done a single thing to even come close to the child Protection act ( Which I Have studied and am still studying in preparation for what I really do feel is coming ) And As such we have nothing to fear and nothing to hide. I have offered to do drug tests. For no reason other than to cut them off from using that as a reason. Hell I don't even take Pain killers unless I have a Migraine that won't go away. When I Was Younger I was a Typical teen. BUT I have grown up. Even if I did do things considered Illegal ( Pot when I was 16-20 ) I used it for my Chronic insomnia. I have been on other sleep meds to help me sleep. Problem is WHEN I find one that works if I take it more than once every couple of weeks it stops working. Alcohol DID work... Well to be Specific 2 Shots of Mississippi Moonshine ( A Liquor that was 16% Alcohol ) each night after work would slow my brain down so I could sleep.

But as Previously stated I Rarely drink. And when I do it's usually just a couple of beers.... Maybe half a dozen to a dozen IF I am celebrating something Like My Fiance's B*dam My B*Day Or even Christmas after the kids go to bed. I Don't Smoke Pot Anymore and haven't for years. I kind of stopped when we found out My Fiance was Pregnant And as such I did not want anything that could be used to take my beautiful baby away from me. Do I Wish I Still smoked.... Sometimes when a Really bad migraine kicks in and I just want to sleep it of. But that is just it. I DON'T. I CAN'T. I am a Parent and My KIDS Come first. I am responsible for them. Not some care worker. If I am to Teach My Kids Responsibility how can I do it when I palm them off to someone else so And I Quote " My Fiance and I can have a Holiday ) Thank you very much DoCS BUT I Will take a Holiday WHEN I can Afford it and I can take my kids with me to somewhere they'd like to go.

This is not a Sob Story. Not a Plea for cash. Not asking for help. As I doubt anyone can really help against DoCS. This is My Story. This is what Is Happening now and in the past and I feel it will keep going long into the future. But I Will not back down. Kids are our future. It's time we stopped removing everything from them and give them them chance and CHOICE. And I WILL Fight for that.

To All the other parents out there worse off than me please keep hope. And remember that nothing they do can take away the love you have for your kids or the love they have for you. Don't let them get to you. Remember kids first

the injustice of our kids being taken away is like the injustice jesus got when they nailed him to the cross , it is the most ungodly act any govenment or anyone could have done to us . yes there alive but there soul is being destroyed day by day , as for us we have nothing left to live for.

Hi everyone. I have 4 children. Twins with my mother and an 11 month year old and a 3 year old. My ex wife had them in NSW and got them taken into care. I received no phone call or contact and had to chase them down myself. Docs workers stopped speaking to me when they heard I had one drug conviction in 2004. I was working in qld and Focs NSW have given no reason what so ever and are trying to keep both children in care till they are 18.

Anyone who can help with advice no matter how small please contact me. And help moreso my 2 little ones in care.